Hi and Welcome to SweetPlanit!

I have been wanting to start this blog for years! My day job is here. I'm the founder and co-owner of an online one-stop shop for knitters and crocheters.  My days are really busy and I'm often wearing many hats: buyer, marketer, merchandiser, manager, designer, mom, and wife. With so much to keep organized, I'm always on the lookout for the perfect planner.  What I love about a new planner is the potential that it may somehow get me more organized. 

I started my company nearly 20 years ago. The entire experience has been an adventure full of twists and turns. When I started my company the internet was young.  Information wasn't readily available the way it is today. I had to read books on starting a business, how to set it up, and learn all the state rules and regulations. Phone books were still a thing and that's how we started advertising and trying to find customers. Even back then, I was really into the computer and started with an online store. I opened two brick and mortar stores, then moved my store completely online about ten years ago. It was a big risk at the time and we weren't sure if online only would work. We had to make a lot of changes on how we buy, present our products, and cater to an online customer. The journey has been full of lots of ups and downs including high points like designing for and appearing on QVC with several crochet collections, filming an all-encompassing how-to crochet video, and writing four knitting and crochet books to low times like when the scarf-yarn craze ended (it’s true!) and we had to rethink our whole business all over again!

What do I love about running a small business?

To me, it's exciting! Every day brings new challenges and ideas that I try to explore to grow. I love social media and it's ever changing nature. Just when you think you have it figured out, a new platform comes out, or there's a new trend, or I realize there's improvements we can make to better serve our customers. I love how so many things I do in my business change daily, yet other things like talking to customers and getting people excited about new products never changes. 

Do I have a Harvard MBA or some fabulous qualification?

No, actually. I graduated from two year college and majored in fashion merchandising.  While that has helped me quite a bit, I'm by no means an expert in running a business. I had no idea what I was doing when I got into this and still struggle with things daily.

    My 5 Keys to Success Have Been: 

    1. Be passionate and do what you love
    2. Be adaptable
    3. Be organized
    4. Work hard
    5. You don't have to know everything. Surround yourself with people smarter than you and possess skills you don't have.
    nancy queen.png

    So What is SweetPlanit?

    I have two passions. My business and my planner. First, I need to tell you I am not an organized person by nature. It wasn't until I was in my early twenties that my boss showed me how to organize paperwork in folders (mind blown!). Being organized is something I work at daily and, as with my business, I try to improve every day. That's where to passion for planning and bullet journaling come in.

    For me a planner isn't about writing things down after they occur, keeping it perfect, or to simply log a few tasks. I like to live in my planner. All of my notes, to do lists, thoughts, designs, and even doodles are in my planner. Sitting at my computer most of the day, I'll often take a break and draw a few doodles or decorations on the page of my planner. Those moments of creativity really have an effective way of re-energizing me. They also inspire a lot of new ideas and help me clarify thoughts I'm mulling over. 

    What will you find here?

    Over the years, I've been asked many questions on running a small business from friends and colleagues. I'll be sharing my favorite tips and tricks on running a small business, having an online presence, blogging, social media, how to achieve your goals, live better, and how to keep it all organized. 

    - Nancy