8 Ways to Fight the Winter Blues

8 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

What are Ho hum...no matter where you live, the short and cold winter days can leave even the most upbeat people feeling a bit sad and blue. This helpful guide will help you heal the winter doldrums, reduce stress, and maintain a positive attitude all season long.

8 Ways to Beat Winter Blues


1. Exercise

It's a fact that exercise releases endorphins, the body's own happy pill. So why not get some exercise for positive vibes that will last all day? Exercise has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and boost self-esteem.

Beat the Winter Blues says walking, jogging, low impact aerobics, yoga, swimming, and tennis are effective mood-improving exercises. Women's Health recommends 35 minutes of walking 5 times per week to reap the happiness benefits. Be sure to check with your doctor before making exercise changes.


2. Sunlight

Get some sunshine! Boosting your vitamin D shows a direct correlation with a boosted mood. Read more. Even an hour a day of natural bright indoor light has been shown to have a positive effect.

Indoor Plants

3. Indoor Plants

Bring the outside in! Surrounding yourself with greenery during gloomy days is a very good way to perk up your spirits. House plants provide oxygen and cleanse the air. Not only that, plants are visually pleasing. If you have them in your home and workplace, they can help create a very calming environment. Finding the ideal houseplant is easy. 

Caring for house plants is very rewarding as well. This activity has been shown lower blood pressure and stress levels. What plants are good for indoors? Here's 7 houseplants for low light conditions.

Eat Healthy

4. Eat Healthy

This time of year make some mood adjusting changes to your diet. It's important to eat healthy, well-rounded meals. Limit excess sugar and processed foods. Prevention Magazine recommends stocking up on plenty of salmon, leafy greens, whole grains, bananas, nuts, and even kefir. Be sure to check with your doctor before making any dietary changes.

Indulge a little, too! Did you know chocolate can improve your mood? According to Psychology Today, the flavanols in dark chocolate help to reduce blood pressure, boost mood, and improve memory. General rule of thumb, look for chocolate with at least 85% cocoa. 

Listen to Music

5. Listen to Music

Crank up the tunes! Listening to upbeat music can make you happy. In a study by the Journal of Positive Psychology, they found that listening to upbeat music improved mood in as little as two weeks. Need some inspiration? Here's 65 happy songsto get you started.


6. Hobbies

Dive in to some hobbies! Whether you're into outdoor sports such as skiing or ice skating...or you prefer to indulge in indoor hobbies such as knitting, scrapbooking, cooking, painting, journaling, or playing an instrument - spend time on something you are really passionate about. Hobbies are a great diversion from everyday stresses and a good way to occupy your mind. Need some ideas on choosing a hobby? How to Choose a Hobby.


7. Improve your Mindset

Is it possible that just changing your mindset can improve your mood? In a recent article for The Conversation, author Kari Leibowitz went to a Tromsø, small Norwegian village 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. They experience two months of Polar Night every year, when the sun doesn't rise above the horizon. What was surprising, Leibowitz found, was that the residents were looking forward to the time. Many were excited about ski season and others enjoy the coziness provided by the winter months.

To take things a step further, Leibowitz developed a “Wintertime Mindset Scale” to measure how residents of Tromsø view the winter. The Wintertime Mindset Scale asked our survey participants to agree or disagree with items such as “There are many things to enjoy about the winter,” and “I find the winter months dark and depressing.” The results of the study in Norway found that having a positive wintertime mindset was associated with greater life satisfaction, willingness to pursue the challenges that lead to personal growth, and positive emotions.

The takeaway, think of all the things that make you happy about winter and focus on those things throughout the season. Need some inspiration? Here's a list of 50 Things to Love about Winter.


8. Volunteer

Spending time helping others may help you even more! Studies have shown that you'll reap the benefits of volunteering. Not only will it boost your mood and provide a sense of satisfaction and gratitude. According to HelpGuide, that's not all it does for you. You may be surprised to know it also helps you connect with others, counteracts stress and anxiety, and builds self confidence. Aren't sure where to start? Here's a list of 10 Good Places to Volunteer.

How do you conquer the winter doldrums? I'd love to hear!

Quote of the Day

Inspirational Leadership Quote
I wasn’t planning to lead. I was standing in the back and then everyone turned around.
— Avery Hiebert

What's Social Media Should You Use?

What Social Media Should You Be Using?

There a so many social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr...the list goes on.

How do you decide which is the best social media platform to use for your small business?

Here's the answer: Which social media platforms do your customers use? If they use it, you should be on it. 

Now, I'm not saying you should be everything to everyone; you need to sit down and define your customer. Close your eyes and think of your typical customer. How old are they? What do they like to do in their leisure time? Where do they spend their time when they are online? When you answer these questions it makes it clear where you should be focusing your energy on social media. 

A few years ago, Twitter was a hot item, so I spent a lot of time on there. Then, a lot of my customer base began focusing on Facebook, so I refocused my social media efforts there. Currently, our customer traffic is coming from Pinterest and Facebook, while a lot of growth is happening on Instagram.

To help break it down, I follow the 80/20 rule. I currently spend 80% of my time on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. The remaining 20% is spent on YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.

To back up your demographic analysis, turn to Google Analytics. You can check your social media traffic and adjust your time spent on those platforms accordingly. You'll also be able to watch where social media trends are changing. As you can see below, the majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest and Facebook.

Use Google Analytics to Determine Where Your Customers Are

Use Google Analytics to Determine Where Your Customers Are

Does this mean you need to be on every social media platform? No! If you only have one hour a day to spend on social media, spend 50 minutes on the platforms performing best. Spend the remaining 10 minutes posting on the others. If you aren't seeing any results (I'm looking at you Linkedin and Tumblr) then spend little or no time on those sites.

Action Items:

  • Who is your customer? Make a list of the following demographics: Age, location, education, hobbies, social media used.
  • Google Analytics: look at Acquisition > Overview > Social to find out where your customers are interacting with you

The key with social media is find out what is working and do more of the same. Are your customers on Instagram? Then engage them there and grow your business on that platform.

Which social media platform is currently working best for you? Do you use all social media or just stick with a few platforms?

Should You Use a Digital or Paper Planner

Which is really better: Paper vs. Digital Planner?

Which is really better: Paper vs. Digital Planner?

My planner holds all of the important (and not so important) notes of my life. It wasn't always like that. I thought I'd take a moment to explain why I use a paper planner instead of digital calendars and apps.

When portable devices came out I was really excited to get my entire life in there. I love technology! Finally, a small hand held device that kept everything organized for me: notes, to-do lists, meetings, appointments, as well as other lists and items I wanted to track.

Unfortunately, the problem was, it didn't seem to work for me and I didn't know why. I just couldn't remember the information I had placed in my phone. For example, when I make a grocery list on a piece of paper, I can go to the store and remember all of the items on the list. I usually glance at it near the end of my shopping trip to make sure I didn't miss anything. Most of the time I don't miss anything on the list.

The Science Behind Writing on Paper

However, when I put that same information in my phone, I have to keep checking the list over and over. Why can't I remember the information I type into my phone? I thought it was just me, then I stumbled on this article, Writing and Remembering: Why We Remember What We Write that validated my thoughts on paper vs. computers.

Author Dustin Wax explains writing things down helps us remember them better. "When we write something down, research suggests that as far as our brain is concerned, it’s as if we were doing that thing. Writing seems to act as a kind of mini-rehearsal for doing. I’ve written before about how visualizing doing something can “trick” the brain into thinking it’s actually doing it, and writing something down seems to use enough of the brain to trigger this effect."

Now that's the science behind writing things down, but I have to say there are other reasons I love using a planner. I actually use my planner as a planner/bullet journal hybrid and I'll explain how I do that in another post.

8 Reasons Why I Use A Paper Planner

8 Reasons Why I Use A Paper Planner

8 Reasons Why I love Using a Paper Planner

  1. My whole life plan is in one book - I didn't always have just one book. I went through a period where I had both a planner and bullet journal. This year I created a hybrid planner and bullet journal with my Hobonichi Cousin and now everything is in one place.
  2. I put everything in there no matter how big or small the task - Everything goes in the planner. I have my calendar, to-do lists, notes, passwords, blog ideas, open orders, sales goals, website color numbers, social media images sizes..all of it..in one place. 
  3. It allows me to be creative - I love the ability to be really creative in my planner! I work in a very creative field, however, it's my job. What others do for fun is work for me, I'm usually crafting a project so that I can make a design for others to recreate. I enjoy it but I'm often racing against the clock so that I can meet a deadline, use the project in a tutorial, or other blog post. Being able to doodle for a few minutes in my planner is not only a good diversion and mental break, it also allows me to come up with creative ideas. Some of my best ideas have come from sitting and coloring in a little drawing in my planner.
  4. I can map out a new idea or process - Did you ever want to start a new project and not know where to begin? I keep those ideas in my planner. I start a new page and title it the name of the project, then just start jotting down notes and brain dumping all my thoughts on it. Then I go back later and organize the information and begin mapping out the project, adding dates, to-do lists, and steps to make it happen.
  5. I can track all kinds of information - I love keeping track of so many things so that I can easily find out how things are going. I track my company sales, email newsletters, social media stats, orders placed with vendors, popular keywords and hashtags for my business, and even my website analytics.
  6. I love the feel of the paper and finding just the right pen to go with it - I know I'm not the only one with a paper/pen addiction. There is something special about hearing the crinkle of the paper after the ink has dried on it. And, there's something equally satisfying about finishing a book for the year and being able to look back at what you did that year with a sense of accomplishment.
  7. It's easy to go back and reference previous dates - I've been using a planner for the past five years. It's amazingly helpful to be able to go back and view previous projects, sales, store events, and even personal events.
  8. Having a paper planner next to my computer is handy - I know there's a Notes section on my computer, but I have to say, it's really nice to have a planner right next to me as I work. Sometimes I have to write down quick information such as a phone number, a task to add to my to-do list, or an upcoming event. Being able to jot things down and not have to switch between screens on my computer is really helpful. There's also something super satisfying about being able to check off items on your to-do list.

Do you prefer a paper planner or a digital planning system? Which has worked best for you? 

You Can Start A Small Business!

You Can Start A Small Business!

Start A Small Business: Tips from the Experts

Have you ever said, "I wish I could start a business!" As a small business owner, people say that to me a lot and I respond, "You can!" Then, they usually have a laundry list of reasons why they can't start a business such as: I'm not qualified and don't have enough experience, I don't have an MBA, I'm not a business person, I don't have the time, and I don't have the money.

Guess what? None of those things should stop you from starting a business! Let's talk more about the reasons people refrain from following their passion and tips from the pros on venturing out on your own.

Do you want to start a small business but don't think you have the qualifications?

Many people think they need an MBA from a top-notch schools. Not so, says Forbes.com in their article, "No Degree? No Problem...at Least for Small Business Owners." J. Maureen Henderson writes, "When it comes to the value of a college education, there is one sector in which it's perceived to offer surprisingly little - small business. Manta just released their SMB Q2 Wellness Index results and for the business owners they surveyed, higher ed doesn't get particularly high marks as a key factor in their own success or as a criterion for hiring."

So just because you may or may not have gone to college shouldn't stop you from pursuing your dream of owning a small business.

What really motivates someone to start a business?

In and article from BusinessNewsDaily.com "Nothing beats the freedom of being the boss — at least when it comes to the entrepreneurial efforts of small business owners. 

New research from Cox Business has found that more than half of small business owners start their own business in order to be their own boss. The researchers found that people were also motivated by the idea of creating something from the ground up. Overall, nearly two-thirds of respondents said they had started their own business for one of those reasons.

Money, on the other hand, is not a motivating factor for many small business owners: Just 8 percent of respondents said that was their main motivation for starting their own business." Read more at BusinessNewsDaily.com

How Much Experience Do You Need to Start Your Own Business?

In an article with the Guardian, Filipa Neto managing director of Chic by Choice says, "Start as soon as you can: you can learn as you go and you have nothing to lose."

Neto goes on to say, "My first experience of starting a business was at the age of 21, as co-founder of a fashion startup, after winning the biggest entrepreneurship competition in my country. For me, it was about challenging myself to develop something other women would love, pursuing two of my passions (e-commerce and fashion) and inspiring others to take that same risk and chase their dream job.

Was it bad to start at 21? Not at all, it was the best thing I ever did because it showed me that if you are going to fail, you should fail fast, fail young (and start again). It’s never a real failure, it’s an important lesson.

By the age of 23, after only two years, I had performed nine or ten different roles within the company: from product management, human resources management, marketing and partnerships to accounting. For me, it’s not about age, it’s about relevant experience, the more diverse, the better. I eventually left my first startup and started Chic by Choice.

Startups give you the opportunity to learn the most valuable business lessons out there. Startups are not smaller versions of larger companies, they are something very different. You are not performing the same tasks for years, waiting for a promotion; instead, you are performing several different roles per day. This means that two to four years at a startup isn’t comparable to the equivalent time spent in a large company."

Neto incorporates a three skill motto: 

  • Preparation
  • Persistence
  • No Fear of Failure

"Preparation can come from everywhere. Firstly, you need to realise that in your 20s you don’t know everything. Chances of success are higher if you surrounded yourself with the knowledge and wisdom that comes from different mentors with different experiences and different skills. You might be surprised to find out how many high-profile businesspeople are willing to help you achieve your potential and discover your strengths. Those mentors are the ones who will help you through the bad days and teach you that nothing comes without persistence," say Neto. Read the full article.

Do any of these Small Business Statistics Sound Like You?

In a 2013 survey of small business owners, by Deluxe.com, it was revealed that people who own a small business describe themselves as practical leaders and doers. 79% of them like to do their homework before purchasing and 76% have a family member who owned a small business. Do any of these things sound like you? It might be time to branch out on your own and start that business you've been dreaming of.

Is owning a small business rewarding?

In the same poll, these business owners find it easy to get along with people, have a clear focus and sense of purpose, and would rather learn from failure than never try.

The DNA of Small Business Owners

The DNA of Small Business Owners

Advice from one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our lifetime

Richard Branson started his first business at 16. He left school to start Student Magazine with a friend. "Today he is the probably the only entrepreneur with eight individual billion dollar corporations, two-hundred companies, in eight various industries — and he accomplished all of these without a business degree." Read the full article at Cleverisms.com

Here are Richard Branson's Top 10 Tips for Starting a Business:

  1. Think about what moves you.
  2. Begin at your doorstep.
  3. Shake things up.
  4. Define your brand.
  5. Listen to advice. Do not listen to naysayers.
  6. Stay focused and motivated.
  7. Love what you do.
  8. Challenge the status quo.
  9. Create value.
  10. Keep things simple when pitching.
  11. Be Visible.
  12. Explore uncharted territories.
  13. First impression matters, but so does the second.
  14. Pick a good name.
  15. You cannot obtain perfection.
  16. Avoid an "us" vs. "them" mentality.
  17. Create a corporate comfort zone.
  18. Get more than one opinion.
  19. Do not burn bridges.
  20. Talk to people over the phone.
  21. Do not fear change - manage it.
  22. When you make a mistake, don't fall down - bounce back.
  23. The customers are almost always right.
  24. Be a leader, not the boss.
  25. Take risks.
  26. Dream big.

What do you feel passionate about? What's holding you back from starting a business?

Bullet Journal Hack: How to Find Stuff in Your Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Hack: Easy Way to Find Stuff in Your Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Hack: Easy Way to Find Stuff in Your Bullet Journal

While spending a relaxing Sunday organizing my office an preparing for the week ahead, I decided to come up with a better plan for finding important pages in my bullet journal. I always forget about the Index and spend a ridiculous amount of time searching for particular pages. If you're not familiar with bullet journaling, it's an anaolog system designed by Ryder Carroll. Do you usually use the Index or have you found a work around for finding stuff?

Bullet Journal Hack: An Easy Way to Find Important Pages

I love my bullet journal. It has become a part of my daily life and a tool I couldn’t live without. However, even though I list pages in my Index, when I actually need to find something in the bullet journal end up scrolling through the hundreds pages to find a particular piece information. I know I waste a ridiculous amount of time, so I need to figure out something better. I'm a very visual person, so an easy and colorful reference system seems like a good hack for me.

1. Choose What’s Important and Create Categories

I have pages that I refer to again and again and other pages that once they are done, I never look at them. Important pages for me, for example, are my social media stats, blog post ideas, patterns and projects I've designed, What’s important to me, will be completely different that what is important to you.

To figure out what pages I wanted to call out, I opened my bullet journal and began scrolling from the first page. I looked through every page and decided what pages were important. Then I started putting those important pages into categories. I didn’t list every page in my bujo as not all of them need to be referenced again and again. My important pages fell into six categories: Reference & How-tos, Social Media, Blog Ideas, Patterns, SweetPlanIt, and Doodles.

2. Decide on a System

How should I color code my pages? Washi tape, sticker dots, page flags, markers, or even highlighters. There are so many options. I tried several of these in my last year's bullet journal to figure out which tool I liked best. I tried highlighters, but they didn’t show up enough on along the edge. I have a lot of pages I want to call out, so the page flags sticking out all long the edge seems a little to messy for me. Then I tried sticker dots. While I liked the look of this option, I only have 4 dot colors and I need 6 colors for the categories I’ve created. My last test was using washi tape. Bingo! I like the look of the tape, I have a ton of it in patterns I love, and it really shows up along the edge. 

3. Create a Key

For easy reference, I created a little flip out key in the back of my bullet journal. I have seen many flip out keys/legends for referencing symbols on a bullet journal page, but nothing for the entire page. 

My bullet journal hack for easy reference

My bullet journal hack for easy reference

Using a piece of card stock, I cut the paper a little smaller than a bullet journal page. Then I used a piece of washi tape to tape it face down to the inside of the back cover of my journal. I flipped the page out and put a piece of washi tape next to the each category title.

Finally, I went through my bullet journal and wrapped a small piece of washi tape around each page that I wanted to call out by category. Keeping the Key open, I lined up the washi tape on the pages with each piece of washi in my key.

Easy reference for my important pages! I put my six category washi tapes in a small basket along with a pair of scissors. Going forward, if I have a new page that fits one of my categories, I'll put the coordinating washi tape on it.

Is this hack something you would try? Do you have and idea that has worked better for you? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy planning!

Get Happy in 5 Minutes: 25 Ways!

25 Ways to Get Happier in 5 Minutes
Get Happy in 5 Minutes: 25 Ways!

Get Happy in 5 Minutes: 25 Ways!

I love finding inspiration and putting it in my bullet journal planner. I found this awesome article on happiness from, believe it or not, Happier.com! They have so many great ideas to pick up your spirits. Did you hear some bad news? Feeling in a funk? You don't have to stay that way - happiness is a choice! Here's a list of the 25 ways to be happier in 5 minutes. Go to the full article for more details..it's worth the 5 minute read!

  1. Crank the Tunes.
  2. Write it down.
  3. Get outside.
  4. Walk it out.
  5. Make a statement.
  6. Give yourself a boost.
  7. Leave a note.
  8. Do something.
  9. Say "thank you."
  10. Learn something new.
  11. Be a good listener.
  12. Let it go.
  13. Straighten up.
  14. Try something new.
  15. Spend money.
  16. Text a friend.
  17. Make plans.
  18. Help someone.
  19. Stope comparing yourself.
  20. Smile.
  21. Power color.
  22. Treat yourself.
  23. Read something.
  24. Cute overload.
  25. Think Positive.

Go to Happier.com for the full article with explanations for each!

Where to Buy Washi Tape

Where to buy washi tape

I absolutely love washi tape. It's so cute, easy to use, and in can totally transform a journal page. I use my washi tape instead of regular tape to post notes around my office. Mostly, I use it to decorate the pages of my planners and bullet journal. I recently used washi tape to make this DIY Page Marker Project.

How do you use washi tape? How do you store it? Here's a video run-through of my washi tape collection. Below is a list of where to buy washi tape. 

Which Stores Sell Washi Tape

Paper Source: http://www.papersource.com/

Yozocraft: http://www.yozocraft.com/

Hobonichi: http://www.1101.com/store/techo/2016/...

Target: http://www.target.com

Daiso: http://www.daisojapan.com/

Michael's: http://www.michaels.com/

I store my washi tapes in organizers I found here: http://www.officedepot.com/

Music Compliments of Music for Makers: https://musicformakers.com/

Gratitude Page in my Bullet Journal

Get Happy Now - Create a Gratitude Page for your bullet journal

Get Happy Now - Create a Gratitude Page for your bullet journal

Hi! Here's a quick peek at my latest gratitude page in my bullet journal. The last time I did a gratitude page, I wrote it all in one long list. This time I just added things as I thought of them and wrote in various fonts and sizes. I think this ways looks a lot more interesting. 

I also really love that I can just keep adding to this page as time goes by. I think of something I'm grateful for and add it on. What's important to me is that I take a moment to really remember the things I have to be thankful for even if they are small - those tend to be the things that make me the happiest!

Do you have a gratitude page in your bullet journal? What is the layout like?

Happy bullet journaling!

Entries in my bullet journal gratitude page

Entries in my bullet journal gratitude page

What to put in a Bullet Journal Toolbox

What to put in a bullet journal toolbox?

What to put in a bullet journal toolbox?

What is a bullet journal toolbox?

It's a handy place to keep all of your must-have bullet journal essentials including: washi tape, pens, stickers, and more. What's in your bullet journal toolbox?

Hi Everyone! So today I'm going to be showing you my bullet journal toolbox.

The box itself is from Target i'm pretty sure. However, I'm sure you can find one at Bed, Bath & Beyond or the Container Store or someplace like that. Everything that I'm showing you will be linked in the description box below. So let's get started.

The first thing in my toolbox is of course my bullet journal. Now I have a Moleskine and this one has gridded lines on the inside which I just think is really nice for being able to line things up and have straight lines. The next item that I have is are these Milan 12 pack of colored pencils. What I think is really cool about these is that it flips open like this. So that you can work and you just have all your colored pencils lined up nicely. The colors are also really vibrant and they draw really smoothly.

A next must for my bullet journal toolbox are these Staedler fine tip pens and these also have a little stand and they write really nicely. What's nice about them is they don't bleed through a lot. So, I used to use these Paper Mate Flair markers and they bled through a ton and it really looked gross. So I switched over to these and they have great colors and they also have a thin side on the case. These are a must for the bullet journal toolbox. The next pens I have are these Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens. They are so amazing because the colors are really bright and fun and they write so smoothly. It feels really good. They are also glittery which I like the effect of that. However, they don't smell that much but that's okay.

Now these are all of my single pens or pencils. I just have this normal pencil. I like to use pencil sometimes to write out if I'm trying out a new font or something, I'll just write it first. Then I have this eraser that I erase it with after use the pen. This is the pen I use for everything. It's a Uni-Ball Powertank pen. Mine is 0.7 and I love it because it writes really smoothly. It also, you don't have to scribble on the side of your page or anything, it just starts writing. This pen is awesome because it doesn't bleed through. It's Pentel and it has pink ink which I think is a nice change. I have both of these because they write on washi tape. This one is the Bic Mark It pen and I have this one because the point is thicker. And I use this Sharpie Fine Point pen if I want the point to be thinner. So these are all my pens.

Next I have this Bando stickers. These stickers are awesome because they have a sticker for like every occasion. They have some letters, party stickers, these hands which I think are adorable and I haven't used them yet, but I can't wait to. These are my favorite stickers which is why they are in the toolbox. Then I also have these post it notes. I really like these colors because sometimes I don't have enough color on the page so I just add a Post It Note. Sometimes I don't want to write in my bullet journal so I just write on this and stick it in there.

Lastly, I have my washi tapes. So I think this box came from an old sunglasses container/box. So these are all my washi tapes. These are some patterned ones. I have a lot of solid ones, but I just try to have a really nice bright selection. So this is everything in my bullet journal toolbox. Like I said earlier, everything will be linked below.

What You'll Need for Your Bullet Journal Toolbox

Happy bullet journaling!

Paper Source Desk Accessories Haul

Paper Source Haul | My Favorite Desk Accessories!

Paper Source Haul | My Favorite Desk Accessories!

Watch my Paper Source Video Haul

Hi Everyone! So today I'm going to be showing you a few things that I purchased from Paper Source. Let's just get started. So I'm going to start with notebooks. I got three different kinds. The first is a Kate Spade notebook and it has this really cool shiny gold polka dot. As you can tell throughout this video, I've been really into gold recently - which is why you'll see a lot of that. This is a spiral notebook and I think this is just a great size to throw in your purse or something like that, on the go. This next notebook, I love. I love the pink color and then this rose gold metallic writing and it says Create a Little Magic Every Day. I love the lines inside and how it has this spot for the date. I think that one is really cute. This Faux Leather Notes book is really big actually so I'm probably going to use this for taking notes and stuff, which is what it's meant for. It's pretty simple looking and I think I can make this into something pretty cool. So these are all the notebooks that I purchased.

The next thing I bought is this Kate Spade water bottle and continuing with the gold look. It's actually glass which I was a little iffy about, but it turns out I love it. So that's that. Then I got set of gold washi tapes. You can see that I already used it. They are awesome. It came in a pack of three. I really like that this one is a different size because I like adding size variation with my washi tapes. They are just different patterns. You can use them all together or single. So a lot of options with this. The next washi tapes that I got, I got this dog washi tape one because I love dogs and I also really like this mustard color. I've used this one already. Then I've also used this already. I think this one is super cute. Just all these different little plants washi. Adds a little bit of green because I don't have that many green washi tapes. I really like that.

The next thing that I bought is this little banner that you can hang on the wall and it says Be Awesome. I think that's pretty motivational and it just looks super cute. I love how this is different colors. Moving on, I bought some pens. These motivational sayings pens came in a pack. I'm not really sure..I forget which brand this is, but I'll have everything linked down below. I just love how they match and they also write really smoothly which is a must. Then I got this Uni-ball gold gel pen because, you know, continuing with the gold theme. It writes gold. This one is also really smooth and I highly recommend it.  

I also got this little dish and it says Hello Beautiful which is shiny and gold and with the gold detailing here with some water color, which I love. It's just great for those little trinkets on your desk or anything like that. Then, I also bought this little pack of different sticky notes and I love how they all match. They are all different, so there's like a to-do one, these little things that you can just put on the side. I think this one is probably my favorite because I love how it's just a pattern all the way through but you can write on top of it. It just adds a little cool look to your page. And then the top of it has a section for notes. This outside is super cute packaging, too.

The last thing that I bought are these Band.do file folders. These all came in two packs. They are all pink with some gold detailing. This one I think looks super cool and modern and I just love it. They also, all of them have a nice saying on the inside. This one says Is it Friday yet?. These are great because they all coordinate and they look cute and they are usable. This one says I am very busy. One of ban.do's classic slogans. And this one is just like some polka dots with pink up here. This hot pink stripe and this one says Hey Hey Hey, You can do it!. It also came with those things that you can put up here. Here they are. So they just have some fun different categories that you can use.

Kate Spade New York Spiral Dot Notebook: http://www.papersource.com/item/kate-...

Create a Little Magic Spiral Journal: http://www.papersource.com/item/Creat...

Elegant Notes Journal: http://www.papersource.com/item/Elega...

Kate Spade New York Gold Glitter Water Bottle: http://www.papersource.com/item/kate-spade-new-york-Gold-Glitter-Water-Bottle/520927.html

Shiny Metallic Washi Tape Set of 3: http://www.papersource.com/item/Shiny...

Chihuahua Washi Tape: http://www.papersource.com/item/Chihu...

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Motivation Pen Set: http://www.papersource.com/item/Motiv...

Uniball Gold Gel Pen: http://www.papersource.com/item/Uniba...

About Face Designs Affirmation Banner Be Awesome (I couldn't find the link to this on Paper Source, so this is a link to the Mfg. website): http://www.aboutfacedesigns.net/Scrip...

Beautiful Trinket Dish: http://www.papersource.com/item/Beaut...

I am Very Busy File Folders: http://www.papersource.com/item/ban.d...

I've Got This Sticky Note Set: http://www.papersource.com/item/Ive-G...

Music title "Into the Fold: and compliments of Music for Makers: https://musicformakers.com/

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Page Markers: Easy DIY Project

Page Markers: An Easy Washi Tape DIY Project

Page Markers: An Easy Washi Tape DIY Project

Here's a quick little craft that's fun to make and really easy. Make page markers using a few items from around the house. Use them to mark pages in your bullet journal, planner, cook book, or favorite novel.

Supplies you'll need:

  • Assorted washi tape
  • Large paper clips
  • Scissors

Step 1. Measure a length of washi tape approximately 2" and cut.

Step 2. Insert the washi tape into the large loop end of the paper clip.

Step 3. Fold the washi tape in half over the end of the paper clip

Step 4. Cut a little "v" at the end of the washi tape.

Page Marker Easy DIY Project

Page Marker Easy DIY Project

Now your page marker is ready for use. Enjoy! Do you have a use for page markers I didn't mention? Share it in the comments below.