Bullet Journal: Add a Washi Tape Page

Have you discovered how awesome washi tape is? I love how it adds just the right amount of punch to a page and you can use it in so many ways.

 Bullet Journal Washi Tape Page

Bullet Journal Washi Tape Page

Here's an easy way to keep track of your washi tape. I created a washi tape library in the back of my bullet journal. Not only do I love looking at the bright colors, but it was also a great way to see what other colors I might need. Looking over my current collection, I think I could use a few more green washi tapes. It's also nice to have them in the back of the journal in case you need an emergency piece of washi for something! 

Here's a list of my current favorite places to buy washi tape:

  • Yozo Craft - from Japan, hundreds of cute washi tapes!

  • Paper Source - online or in store, a really nice selection

  • Michaels - most are sold in packs and are color coordinated, nice if you want to do a theme

  • Memories and Pastimes - on Etsy, good selection of unique washi tapes

  • Target - check the office supply section as well as the $1 bins at the front of the store

  • Scotch Washi Tape - I love the simple patterns and solid color they offer. I've found a really good selection of them at Office Depot

  • Cute Tape - big selection and lots of DIY ideas for other uses

  • Kikki K - a planner and stationary company with lots of cute coordinating washi tapes

  • Ban.do - not a huge selection, but all are fun and super cute

 Colorful Page: Add A Washi Tape Directory in the Back of your Bullet Journal

Colorful Page: Add A Washi Tape Directory in the Back of your Bullet Journal