How many planners do you have?

How many planners did you buy this year?

How many planners did you buy this year?


I kicked of 2016 with a whopping 7 planners (plus accessories to go with each). I didn't anticipate having such an arsenal, it just worked out that way. I chose one, then thought...oh, I'd really like to have a smaller version for my purse. Then discovered another brand whose paper is, I needed to try EVERY size to see which would work best for me. 

Do you buy one planner or several each year? Why?

For me, I think it's the potential that I may just stumble upon the the perfect planning system. There's something about seeing the months and boxes beautifully arranged on the pages, my life will be beautifully organized on those pages and nothing will ever slip through the cracks again.

In future posts, I'll discuss each one of the planners that I purchased for 2016, how I use them, and which ones work for me.

I'd love to hear how many planners you buy in a year!

What features and options do you look for in a planner? 

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