Paper Source Desk Accessories Haul

Paper Source Haul | My Favorite Desk Accessories!

Paper Source Haul | My Favorite Desk Accessories!

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Hi Everyone! So today I'm going to be showing you a few things that I purchased from Paper Source. Let's just get started. So I'm going to start with notebooks. I got three different kinds. The first is a Kate Spade notebook and it has this really cool shiny gold polka dot. As you can tell throughout this video, I've been really into gold recently - which is why you'll see a lot of that. This is a spiral notebook and I think this is just a great size to throw in your purse or something like that, on the go. This next notebook, I love. I love the pink color and then this rose gold metallic writing and it says Create a Little Magic Every Day. I love the lines inside and how it has this spot for the date. I think that one is really cute. This Faux Leather Notes book is really big actually so I'm probably going to use this for taking notes and stuff, which is what it's meant for. It's pretty simple looking and I think I can make this into something pretty cool. So these are all the notebooks that I purchased.

The next thing I bought is this Kate Spade water bottle and continuing with the gold look. It's actually glass which I was a little iffy about, but it turns out I love it. So that's that. Then I got set of gold washi tapes. You can see that I already used it. They are awesome. It came in a pack of three. I really like that this one is a different size because I like adding size variation with my washi tapes. They are just different patterns. You can use them all together or single. So a lot of options with this. The next washi tapes that I got, I got this dog washi tape one because I love dogs and I also really like this mustard color. I've used this one already. Then I've also used this already. I think this one is super cute. Just all these different little plants washi. Adds a little bit of green because I don't have that many green washi tapes. I really like that.

The next thing that I bought is this little banner that you can hang on the wall and it says Be Awesome. I think that's pretty motivational and it just looks super cute. I love how this is different colors. Moving on, I bought some pens. These motivational sayings pens came in a pack. I'm not really sure..I forget which brand this is, but I'll have everything linked down below. I just love how they match and they also write really smoothly which is a must. Then I got this Uni-ball gold gel pen because, you know, continuing with the gold theme. It writes gold. This one is also really smooth and I highly recommend it.  

I also got this little dish and it says Hello Beautiful which is shiny and gold and with the gold detailing here with some water color, which I love. It's just great for those little trinkets on your desk or anything like that. Then, I also bought this little pack of different sticky notes and I love how they all match. They are all different, so there's like a to-do one, these little things that you can just put on the side. I think this one is probably my favorite because I love how it's just a pattern all the way through but you can write on top of it. It just adds a little cool look to your page. And then the top of it has a section for notes. This outside is super cute packaging, too.

The last thing that I bought are these file folders. These all came in two packs. They are all pink with some gold detailing. This one I think looks super cool and modern and I just love it. They also, all of them have a nice saying on the inside. This one says Is it Friday yet?. These are great because they all coordinate and they look cute and they are usable. This one says I am very busy. One of's classic slogans. And this one is just like some polka dots with pink up here. This hot pink stripe and this one says Hey Hey Hey, You can do it!. It also came with those things that you can put up here. Here they are. So they just have some fun different categories that you can use.

Kate Spade New York Spiral Dot Notebook:

Create a Little Magic Spiral Journal:

Elegant Notes Journal:

Kate Spade New York Gold Glitter Water Bottle:

Shiny Metallic Washi Tape Set of 3:

Chihuahua Washi Tape:

Cacti & Succulents Washi Tape:

Motivation Pen Set:

Uniball Gold Gel Pen:

About Face Designs Affirmation Banner Be Awesome (I couldn't find the link to this on Paper Source, so this is a link to the Mfg. website):

Beautiful Trinket Dish:

I am Very Busy File Folders:

I've Got This Sticky Note Set:

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