7 Must Read Blogs if you Bullet Journal

7 Must Read Blogs if you Bullet Journal

Planning and bullet journaling is a long time hobby of mine and I love discovering others with the same strange (but crazy fun) addiction! The following is a list of some of my favorite planner and bujo bloggers and what I love about their sites. If you want to learn more about bullet journaling and why you should have one read more here.

My favorite blogs for bullet journaling

1. Bullet Journal - Well you can't talk about bullet journaling without mentioning the godfather himself, Ryder Carroll. He's a digital product designer who develop the Bullet Journal system as a way to make himself more organized. Then he shared his idea with the World and we're all so glad he did! He started a trend of planning, organizing, and productivity that has been used and modified in so many interesting and creative ways. His blog provides in depth information on how to bullet journal step by step. His blog, The Bulletjournalist covers lots of inspiring ways to use the bullet journal with an approach of mindfulness to help with your productivity.

Photo from  Little Coffee Fox

2. Little Coffee Fox - Shebly is a bullet journaler who also loves lettering. She has a beautiful way she decorates her monthly and weekly spreads, often using watercolor to embellish the pages. Shelby also provides financial tips, organization, and crafting ideas. Definitely a blog you'll want to check out!

Photo From  Minimal Plan

Photo From Minimal Plan

3. Minimal.Plan - Claire is a French bullet journal enthusiast who uses two bullet journals. One for work and one for business. I love her clean minimal blog and planner pages. She provides lots of tips and tricks to help your productivity as well as free printables and tutorials. If you love a simple and straightforward approach to planning, check it out.

Photo From  BOho Berry

Photo From BOho Berry

4. Boho Berry - Kara Benz is someone I started following when I began bullet journaling. She has REALLY beautiful page spreads, logs, and mandalas. Over the past few years, it's been inspiring to watch her grow into a full online business. She covers all kind of things from productivity, to lettering, as well as courses to start your own business. Another thing I really like about her blog is the way she builds a community with challenges with topics such as handwriting, gratitude, and bullet journaling.

Photo From Tiny Ray of Sunshine

Photo From Tiny Ray of Sunshine

5. Tiny Ray of Sunshine - Kim provides you with so many ways to pump up your bullet journal! As a regular contributor to The Bulletjournalist blog, she lots of ideas to help you think differently about your day. Some of my favorite posts include: Create your own 100 day project and the 8 stages of bullet journal addiction.

Photo From  The Petite Planner

6. The Petite Planner - If you are looking for inspiration, check out Erin's blog The Petite Planner. It's loaded with ideas on creating interesting spreads to be more productive. Whether you want to lose weight, set life goals, or learn how to be a better bullet journaler on instagram - she covers it all. One of my favorite sections are her step by step tutorials on creating cute doodles for your planner.

Photo From  Sublime Reflections

7. Sublime Reflections - Kimberly will have you revving up your blogging skills like a badass. Not only is this bullet journaler a mom of 10, she's also a mindset coach and business mentor. Her blog is loaded with tips and tricks to live your best life and it all starts with your planner. She talks about goal setting, meal planning, lettering, and so much more. It's worth your time to cruise her substantial blog. 

Do you have a bullet journal blog? Or do you have a favorite bullet journal blogger? I'd love to hear - post links to them in the comments below!