July Doodle A Day Challenge

July Doodle-a-Day Challenge

I want to make an effort to doodle every day. Sometimes a week or two will go by and I realize I haven’t drawn anything. So…I’m excited to announce I’m starting a monthly Doodle-A-Day Challenge.

You can set it up however you want. Doodle in a notebook, on a piece of paper, on a calendar, in your bullet journal, or heck….even on a napkin.

Have fun with it and use whatever medium you’d like: pencils, colored pencils, watercolor, pens, or markers.

Post it on social media with the #spdoodleaday so that others can find it! Plus, let me know in the comments below if you are going to do this!

  1. Beach

  2. Starfish

  3. Flag

  4. Fireworks

  5. Ice Cream

  6. Shovel & Pail

  7. Fireflies

  8. Watermelon

  9. Tote Bag

  10. Lemonade

  11. Camera

  12. Hammock

  13. Beach Umbrella

  14. Seashell

  15. Sandcastle

  16. Popsicle

  17. Crab

  18. Lighthouse

  19. Sailboat

  20. Sunglasses

  21. Cooler

  22. Beach Towel

  23. Beach Chair

  24. Flip Flops

  25. Tent

  26. Palm Tree

  27. S’mores

  28. Seagull

  29. Jellyfish

  30. Campfire

  31. Beach Ball