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101 Bullet Journal & Planner Quotes

I love opening my planner and seeing something that motivates me. It's a great way to start the day. 

But that's still not enough for me. I like adding them to my bullet journal pages, on my calendar and even on Need a daily dose of inspiration or motivation? These 101 power phrases are just right for giving the boost needed to get focused on your day.

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Planner Dashboard Ideas

When you open the front page of your planner or bullet journal, there's usually a divider made of cardboard or plastic. That is your dashboard!

You can opt to leave it plain, decorate it, or even add some sticky notes for later use. 

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How many planners do you have?

I kicked of 2016 with a whopping 7 planners (plus accessories to go with each). I didn't anticipate having such an arsenal, it just worked out that way. I chose one, then thought...oh, I'd really like to have a smaller version for my purse. Then discovered another brand whose paper is, I needed to try EVERY size to see which would work best for me. 

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