What is a Bullet Journal Pen?

What Pens do You Use for Bullet Journaling?

Uni-ball Power Tank 1.0 Ballpoint Pen with Black Ink. This is my favorite pen to use with my Hobonichi. The Hobonichi case has self-closing loops that are connect by inserting your pen. The loops are pretty wide so a chunky pen works better than a skinny one. I love how thick this pen writes while still passing the smudge test. Also, the power tank makes this a pressurized pen. So rather than having to scribble a bit to get the pen started, it is always ready to write. It can also write upside down, on wet paper, and in below freezing temperatures! I keep a stockpile of refills so I never run out of ink.

The Seven Year Pen - this adorable pen comes in lots of adorable styles. I chose the “Bee Happy” pen in bright yellow. Made by SeltzerGoods, this sustainable pen hides a jumbo ink cartridge so the pen lasts a really long time. The messaging says you can write 1.7 meters every day for seven years. Thats a lot of writing with one pen. Longer pen life means less pens end up in landfills every year. In addition, the pen has a satisfying click to open/close and writes great!

Sakura Pigment Micron Pens - These pens are a must have for bullet journaling! They are artist quality small point markers. If you buy the blister pack, you’ll receive 6 different pens in various point sizes from 0.20-0.50. That assortment gives you lots of variety for creating fine lines, fun doodles, and all of those frames that are a part of bullet journaling.

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