Get Happy in 5 Minutes: 25 Ways!

25 Ways to Get Happier in 5 Minutes
Get Happy in 5 Minutes: 25 Ways!

Get Happy in 5 Minutes: 25 Ways!

I love finding inspiration and putting it in my bullet journal planner. I found this awesome article on happiness from, believe it or not,! They have so many great ideas to pick up your spirits. Did you hear some bad news? Feeling in a funk? You don't have to stay that way - happiness is a choice! Here's a list of the 25 ways to be happier in 5 minutes. Go to the full article for more's worth the 5 minute read!

  1. Crank the Tunes.

  2. Write it down.

  3. Get outside.

  4. Walk it out.

  5. Make a statement.

  6. Give yourself a boost.

  7. Leave a note.

  8. Do something.

  9. Say "thank you."

  10. Learn something new.

  11. Be a good listener.

  12. Let it go.

  13. Straighten up.

  14. Try something new.

  15. Spend money.

  16. Text a friend.

  17. Make plans.

  18. Help someone.

  19. Stope comparing yourself.

  20. Smile.

  21. Power color.

  22. Treat yourself.

  23. Read something.

  24. Cute overload.

  25. Think Positive.

Go to for the full article with explanations for each!