Back to School Doodles

Back to School Doodles for your Bullet Journal, Planner, or Notebook

Back to school has always been one of my favorite times of the year.

I know January is the start of the year, but for some reason, the beginning of school has always been my unofficial start of a new year.

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I’m not sure if it’s the changing of the leaves, the change of seasons, or starting a new year of friends, teachers, and schoolwork, but even as an adult, it’s a time of year that inspires change.

This time of year also inspires me to take a look at my planner and TRY to be more organized and productive.

For me, a fresh start would not be complete without doodles to celebrate the occasion. I decided to round up some back to school doodle ideas to kick off the school year on the right foot.

In addition to the doodles, you may want to download the 24 Back to School Quotes Free Printable. Add a quote or two to your back to school pages to stay motivated and inspired.


If you want to make a back to school page like the one I doodled above, here are the supplies I used.

  • Leuchtturm 1917 Black Hardcover Dotted Journal - This is an A5 size notebook. I love it because I can take it everywhere to doodle, plan, and brainstorm. The hardcover makes it easy to write on even if you don’t have a table. I also love the dotted pages to help me keep things lined up.

  • Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens - I’ve been using these pens since I was a kid! They are the perfect thickness for bold doodles especially when creating an entire doodle page like I did in the above image.

  • Crayola Extreme Colors Neon Colored Pencils - Neon is my current obsession in my planner. This set comes with 8 colors; just enough for packing in my pencil case and taking with me.

  • Staedler Pencil Sharpener - A small pencil sharpener is something that always goes with me as well! The trick to choosing a good sharpener is to pick one with covers over the holes. That way, you won’t end up with pencil shavings all over the inside of your bag or pencil case.

Back to School Doodle Videos

Here’s my favorite YouTube doodler, Doodles by Sara, making a video filled with rulers, pencils, pens, notebooks, paper, a chalkboard, and more. The doodles are all simple to create and would be a fun addition to your bullet journal.

If you like KAWAII (cute) doodles, this video is for you! Heekkong creates really sweet, easy-to-draw doodles that you can incorporate on your bullet journal pages. There are so many fun things to draw: a pencil case, lamp, backpack, book, crayons, colored pencils, ruler, scissors, paints, and even a glue stick.

KaJi packed so many doodle ideas into one video. If you want to draw doodles in your bujo, this videos is a must-watch! There’s an alarm clock, paints, eraser, scissors, math symbols, science doodles, a globe, notepapers, and much more.

Here’s another video from Doodles with Sarah. In this video, you’ll learn how to make fun doodles out of school subjects. Not only are these doodles great for your bullet journal, they’re ideal for notebook covers, book covers, and page dividers.

Back to School Bullet Journal Ideas

Lana Makes created a back to school page doodles in her bullet journal. This colorful page features a backpack, globe, apple and book, calculator, piano with musical notes, science tubes, and a graduation cap.

Layla created an entire series of step-by-step back to school doodles you can draw. Day 1 is a pencil. She even shows you had to add shadows and details.

Planwithady made a cute back to school page in her bujo. It includes a backpack, a pencil case, some sticky notes, a planner, bujo, binders and folders, paper, and notebook.

Here’s another back to school spread from Layla. This is an August doodle page with a box for each day. The doodles include things such as lockers, a globe, a microscope, a camera, a phone, a clipboard, a school bus, books, and school bell.

Kindra shared a monthly cover page spread from her bullet journal. This back to school inspired spread has the calendar for the month along with a quote, “let today be the start of something new.” On the opposite page is a chalkboard with September written across it in large letters.

Jordann used washi tape for her back to school weekly page spread. There are crayon, pencil, and ruler washi tapes incorporated on this page.

Ali created a motivational back to school page in her bullet journal. In the center is a quote, “It’s going to be HARD but hard is not impossible.” Then the rest of the page is covered in doodles such as staplers, erasers, pencils, tape, binder clips, scissors, paperclips, push-pins, and paperclips.