Bullet Journal for Recipes + Free Printable!

How to Add Recipes to Your Bullet Journal: Tips and Page Ideas + FREE PRINTABLE PDF!

Where are your favorite recipes?

Mine are everywhere and having them scattered about is not helping my cooking.

As my family will attest, I’m not a very good cook when left to my own improvisation. I need to follow a recipe for culinary success.

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Today I got to thinking, I waste so much time looking for recipes I’ve made in the past and want to recreate.

Why is that? Because my recipes are not in one place.

Here’s a list of all the places my recipes are currently hiding:

  • In various cookbooks marked with folded corners, Post-Its, or bookmarks

  • In an old recipe/index box

  • Bookmarked on my computer browser

  • On separate search tabs of Safari on my iPhone

  • In a recipe board I created on Flipboard

  • Pinterest recipe board

  • In a recipe book

  • In a baggie shoved in a drawer in my entryway

  • In a storage unit 5-hours from my current home

  • On the fridge

That’s 10 different places! Ugh, I need a better system.

I tried putting them in my bullet journal but as much as I love having them in there, I don’t like ingredients getting spilled on my precious bullet journal. However, if using a bujo for recipes works for you….go for it!

However I still need a spot for my recipes…I have decided to start keeping ALL of my recipes in one place instead of having them in every corner and crevice of my life.

I created a Recipes PDF FREE printable that you can download at the end of this article. It’s what I’ll be using.

While creating the template, I needed to spend some time investigating to see how other bullet journalists and planner girls create their recipe layouts and I came up with lots of inspiration.

I’ve rounded up the best recipe layouts you can use in your own bullet journal, planner, or binder. Use them for family recipes, your favorite recipes, or new recipes you want to try.

Side note: You might find even more recipes to try in the examples below!

#1. Lemon Drizzle Cake

This bullet journal page shows records how to make a lemon drizzle cake in such a fun way. The recipe title is created using faux calligraphy then various boxes provide an “old fashioned” recipe vibe. The ingredients looks like a torn spiral notebook while the drizzle looks like a sticky note taped down with washi tape.

Finally the method is written in a box that has alternating colored lines which reminds me of an index card. This layout is both interesting to look at and easy to read.

#2. Salty and Sweet

This bujo page features food made for a Valentine’s Day Dinner. Even though the actually recipes aren’t shown in the spread, I love looking at the ingredients list along with the decorative food drawings.

#3. Oatmeal Bars

This is an easy way to add your favorite recipes to your bullet journal - print them out! Pinking shears were used to give a decorative edge to the printed page and then it was mounted on the page.

The chef also made culinary notes and a review of the finished recipe on the same page.

#4. Pico de Gallo

A simple recipe is made special when added to this bullet journal. The ingredients and recipe are written out at the top and kawaii cute salsa and chips doodles are at the bottom of the page.

#5. French Bread Bake

Perfect for Sunday brunch, this French Bread Bake is on my baking bucket list!

The bullet journal page itself is decorated with layers of paper and washi tape then the recipe is stuck to the center of it all and held down by panda stickers.

#6. The Best & Easiest Pasta

The hand lettering for the title of this recipe pops off the page using Zebra Mildliners. A boxed section denotes the ingredient list and a speech bubble provides a spot to write a recipe review.

#7. Instant Pot Chicken Alfredo

Large script lettering creates the headers for this recipe. It’s a black and white page with a drawing of pasta and an instant pot.

#8. Pizza

This adorable recipe page includes lots of ingredient doodles filled in with colored pencils.

#9. Pumpkin Cake

Check out the big cupcake in the center of the page. The recipe is written around it including including icing, cake mix, and instructions. Doodles of cooking tools and ingredients decorate the bujo page.

#10. My Favorite Pancakes

I really love this recipe page! It’s bright, colorful, full of doodles. You’ll find the ingredients list in its own box then all of the instructions are written out step-by-step with drawings for each.

What a fun recipe to make and eat!

Recipe Template Free Printable

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Recipe page includes all the standards prep time, cooking time, servings, ingredients, and instructions.

Additional space provided such as what you served with this dish, chef notes, and your personal rating 1-5 stars.

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