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Bullet Journal Index Page Ideas

Bullet Journal Index Page Ideas

Index pages are one of the most important parts of the bullet journal but they are often the least talked about!

People love to share images and ideas about weekly spreads, mood trackers, habit trackers, and monthly layouts…but index pages are neglected.

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Let’s change that! I’ve rounded up 10 interesting index pages to inspire you to not only use them but to also get creative with them just like you do in the rest of your bullet journal.

First of all, let’s cover some helpful info about index pages.

What is a Bullet Journal Index?

The index section of a bullet journal is like a table of contents for your pages. It lets you know where important info is located in your book.

You can set up your index a number of different ways to help you find the info that’s most important to YOU.

Why are Bullet Journal Index Page Important?

Since a bullet journal is a catchall book for everything in your life: to do lists, goals,’ll end up with 200-300+ pages of content in one bullet journal.

That’s a lot of pages to search through when trying to find some important information.

So how do you keep track of it all without having to flip endlessly through that large book of pages?

Index Pages.

The index pages are usually found in the front of a bullet journal. Some bullet journals have the index pages pre-printed.

But if you are using a plain notebook, you’ll need to set aside pages just for the index before starting the body of your bullet journal.

How many pages should for the index in your bullet journal?

Notebooks contain a varying number of pages. Often times the number of sheets in a notebook is written on the packaging when you purchase it. Since there are two sides to every sheet, you’ll double that number. For example, if a notebook has 120 sheets, there will be 240 pages.

  • Open the first pages of your notebook and decide how many numbered rows you will create per page of the index. For example, I’m going to put 24 rows on each page of my index sheets. That means I’ll need to set aside 10 pages for the index pages.

  • I count off 10 pages and then start the body of my bullet journal starting on the eleventh page of my notebook. I’ll call that page #1 and continue to number all of the pages after that in the lower right hand corner.

Now, when I have an important page, I’ll be able to record that page in my index and easily find it in the future.

Take a look at the index page ideas below.

Bullet Journal Index Page Ideas and Examples

Don’t be afraid to add color to your index pages. It can still be clean and organized! This bullet journalist uses cute banner flag washi tape across the top, then highlights important page numbers with Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighter and stickers.

Adorable plants highlight the top of this index page. Gray lines in Zebra Mildliners help separate the dates for easy identification.

Here’s one for minimalists. This clear index page is a dream come true for those striving for perfection and a goal for me to be able to write that neatly! I really appreciate the cleanliness of the page and the dots leading to each page number.

You can use washi tape vertically, too. This simple purple stripe washi tape is a great way to accent an index page. Use a black pen to write the index and then highlight in a coordinating Mildliner such as the lavender used in the example here.

Decorating down the middle of an index page spread is also a fun way to decorate it. Use a light grey marker to draw long strands and add dots to each. Then draw lantern jars randomly throughout the strands. It makes for a pretty pink page using Tombow Brush Pens.

Perfect penmanship is another great way to create a beautiful index page! The Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal comes with preprinted index pages. Use your best cursive skills to make the page pop.

A simple pink line across the top of the page with the word “index” written in script keeps this page clean and bright.

Have fun with lettering on your index page. This page has index written vertically down the left side of the page in large fun-to-create letters. This bullet journalist then created categories to help identify important pages for easy reference.

More fun with fonts! Write “index” in large block letters across the top of the page. Then using a thinner black marker such as a Micron Pen, go over it with a cursive font. You can also create category pages such as calendars and collections the way this bullet journalist did.

The last bullet journal index example is minimalist spread. This ingenious design allows you to quickly find important categories by marking the edge of the page at the same place it is written in on the index. I’ve only seen this done before in various colors so the all black is clean and minimalist.

Do you have index page ideas I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments below.

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