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15 Bullet Journal Title Pages for Any Month

15 Bullet Journal Title Pages for Any Month

Get creative with your bullet journal with title pages!

If you don’t know what title pages are, they are cover pages to introduce a new month in your bullet journal.

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Title pages are a great place to break out the pens, colored pencils, markers, washi tape, and watercolor paints in your bujo.

You can make all of your cover pages the same each month or make each month different. The beauty of the bullet journal is that it’s entirely up to you!

Rather than staring at a blank page trying to decide what to draw, a little inspiration is helpful to get you started.

Some people like to create their title page featuring the holiday of the month. For example, in February it’s a heart theme for Valentine’s Day. In October, a Halloween themed title page is popular.

However, rather than go with holiday themed pages, I rounded up title page ideas you can use for ANY month.

15 Bullet Journal Title Pages

#1. Succulents

Succulents are fun and easy to draw. You can replicate the title page below or customize it by changing the design of the pot or the shapes of the succulents.

Draw a simple dot wreath around the month name and you’ve got a great looking title page.

#2. Shine Bright

Lightbulbs are surprisingly easy to draw. You can have a string of lights, lightbulbs hanging from strings, and lights in a jar. Draw them using a Micron Pend and then grab your favorite yellow markers or colored pencils to make them shine.

#3. Fabulous Flags

This brightly colored page uses floral print paper that has been pasted into the bullet journal. What really catches my attention is the way the monthly calendar is arranged using flags. Each row of flags hangs on a rod creating an interesting monthly cover page.

#4. Minimalist Elegance

Create a gorgeous floral title page by using a Micron Pen. Start by drawing horizontal lines just above and below the center point. Then decorate each with flowers and foliage. Write your month header in the center. If you want a not-so-minimalist vibe you can color in the flowers and greenery.

#5. Jellyfish

Jellyfish make a fun cover page for any month of the year. Since they are free flowing, jellyfish are easy to draw. Ip_bujo made a pretty pink jellyfish with long tentacles and tendrils. The page was then decorated with lots of tiny bubbles.

#6. Zen Out

Need to find some peace in your bullet journal? Create a monthly title page with zen-inspired decorations such as calming candles, meditation rocks, and lucky bamboo.

#7. Stitching Time

Shouthuzzahdoodles created a vintage embroidery styled title page for her bullet journal. In shades of blue, floral designs decorate an embroidery hoop. It’s such a simple yet elegant design you can easily replicate.

#8. Fantastic Feathers

Here’s another easy and fun creation! X_creativeheart_x made bead embellished feathers dangle around the monthly title. This page will only take you a few minutes to create and the results look great.

#9. Secret Garden

Ropes hanging from the top of this page hold the monthly calendar. Just below is a lovely container garden filled with succulents. A butterfly flies up the page towards the calendar. This title page created by is one to create when you have a bit more time to spend on your bullet journal.

#10. Crystal Magic

Multi-faceted crystals dangle around the title of this monthly cover page. The crystals are then colored in with various shades of purple to show their dimension. Will this be your next title page?

#11. Instant Success

This is an ingenious idea from innerpeascreates! An instant camera becomes the focal point of this bullet journal title page. The photo popping out of the camera is actually the monthly calendar. As someone who loves instant cameras, I can’t wait to make a title page like this in my bujo.

#12. Art Deco

Create your own title page with an art-deco vibe. This easy to make geometric design by monokromajic is clean and minimalistic. You can create the same pattern or come up with your own.

#13. Superstar

You’re a superstar ever day, so why not have a reminder of it in your bullet journal? This title page has the month name in the center and then it is surrounded by lots and lots of stars in various sizes. Using different shades of yellow, color them in and even make some tiny ones that are all black.

#14. Wonderful Washi

Why not incorporate a bullet journalist’s favorite accessory in your bujo? I’m talking about washi tape. If you are like me, you have drawers full of it….and not always sure how to use it. To create a title page like this one, pull together 8-10 tapes of the same color. For example, this one is mostly shades of purple. Then tape them to the page leaving a hand-torn edge surrounding the month.

#15. Go Green

Here’s an easy to create wreath title page. Start by making a circle in the center of the page. Then surround it with lots botanics and color them in various shades of green. Write the month in the center and voila! another beautiful page created.

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