Bullet Journal Weekly Layout: 10 One Page Ideas!

Bullet Journal Weekly Layout: 10 One Page Ideas!

In this post we’re going to take a look at weekly layouts on one page - here’s why!

I kicked off the year with a new bullet journal planner.

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This year, I decided to go with a traveler’s notebook system to continue a modified bullet journal planning style. BTW, I’m loving this planner!

I’ll be doing a full blog post on the planner very soon but in the meantime, here’s the one I purchased. It’s really great quality, comes packed with accessories, and is well priced.

Why I Use One Page Weekly Layouts

I have 4 books in my traveler’s notebook, so I have the calendar portion of my bujo in one book and I wanted to be able to load as many weeks in that book as possible - that prompted me to do one page per week.

I use my weekly calendar to keep track of upcoming events and appointments, allowing me to see the entire week at a glance.

I also have one page per day so that I can spread out and make daily to do lists, schedule blocking if I have a busy day, and make lots of note about things that come up throughout the day.

Although it’s been working really well, I’ve been getting bored with the layout, so I decided gather up a little inspiration.

There are a number of fun ways you can arrange one week on a page!

10 One Page Weekly Bullet Journal Layouts

Image by @romsbujo

This weekly one page has so much on it! She packs all her weekly reminders, to do’s, and events for each day of the week. In addition, she’s added space to record water intake and memorable quote!

Washi tape, Mildliners, and a colored marker make this page pop!

Image by @helterscelter.studies

Here’s another bullet journalist who knows how to load a lot of handy info on a one page weekly layout. Days of the week are written in calligraphy on the left with room under each to record tasks and events.

There’s a small monthly calendar to show where this week falls in the month as well as a water intake graph.

She used the right side of the page to decorate, get inspired, and have fun in this bullet journal!

Image by @neko_mystic

I’m not good with calligraphy (or even faux calligraphy) so I love seeing when others use their regular handwriting to create a pretty page!

The month is written in cursive at the top and accented with a bit of washi tape. The days of the week are written and highlighted with a Zebra Mildliner leaving enough room to recored tasks and events.

A cute cactus sticker completes the page.

Image by @planwithlissa

This weekly page is loaded with cute ideas! I love all the stamps and stickers combined with personal doodles to create a helpful page that is also a memory keeper.

Image by @mindfulbujo

Clean lines help keep lots of information organized on this dot grid weekly page. This page includes to dos, events, and appointments for each day, goals for the week, tasks and notes!

Image by @hellopinkbrandy

This weekly page has such a fun aesthetic. In little boxes on the left, there’s room for to do’s and to read. The days of the week have large date numbers in swirly circles and a striped washi tape pulls the look together.

At the bottom is a humorous quote on adulting, “Being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet.” written in Zebra Mildliners.

Be sure to put your sense of humor on your bujo pages!

Image by @sharonajournals

Think pink! Very simple daily boxes make up this weekly page. Some seashells at the bottom add a light beachy vibe. Days and seashells are accented with pink Crayola markers.

Image by @nation.studies

One page can track your sleep, running, medicine, shower, and teeth brushing for the week as well as keep track of your daily appointments and tasks. Micron pen and Zebra Mildliner keep this page organized and pretty.

Image by @midori_bujo

Staggered boxes can be an interesting alternative to traditional rows.

Image by @pen2paper_92

This weekly page has nice large boxes to record tasks, events, and appointments. Each box has been rounded at the corners and shadowed with a blue marker.

A handy meal plan is in the upper left while cute birds and stars provide the trim.

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope you enjoyed these one-page ideas. Will you be incorporating any of them into your bullet journal?

How do you arrange your weekly pages in your bullet journal? Do use one page, two pages, or more?

I’l love to hear what works (and doesn’t) for you! Let me know in the comments below.