Cleaning Schedule for Home + Free Printable!

How to Create a Cleaning Schedule for Your Home

How do you keep track of your cleaning schedule?

I used to try and keep it all in my head but it wasn’t a very effective method for remembering the last time I vacuumed, dusted, or changed the sheets.

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Now I use a chore tracker and it has been really helpful to keep me on schedule.

Thanks to my schedule, I no longer let the tasks build up. I just do a few tasks each week and the whole house stays much cleaner and more organized.

Most of all, having a clean home helps reduce my stress. Do you feel more relaxed when your home is clean?

I’ve pulled together 10 cleaning schedules and trackers that I really like. In addition, I created a Cleaning Checklist FREE PDF printable you can download at the end of this article.

I hope you get some inspiration to create a cleaning schedule that works for you.

Everyone is different - with various cleaning needs.

Ways to have a cleaning schedule/chore tracker:

  • Family Chore Chart - create a chore chart and assign tasks to family members based on age and ability.

  • Couples Chore Chart - Cleaning doesn’t need to fall on one person. Divide and conquer by creating a chart you can both contribute to.

  • Bullet Journal Chore Tracker - Keep track of your cleaning and check things off by creating a page in your bullet journal.

  • Planner - Make a list of the chores you do each week or month and then assign them to days in your planner.

  • FREE Printable - Easy to check off Cleaning Schedule PDF Printable at the bottom of this post! It includes daily, weekly, and monthly chores and a section to customize.

Chore Schedule Ideas

#1. Bubbles

Thesewingmadsaver created a bubbly bullet journal cleaning schedule page. Boxes separate chores by daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, every 3 months, and bi-annual. She’s created mini calendars to coordinate with several of those lists and decorated the page with bubbles, and kawaii cleaning supplies.

#2. Honey, this CLEANING TRACKER BEE Sweet

Kenna.creates made an inspiring bee centered cleaning tracker. She created honeycombs as the background and then pasted a circular cleaning tracker on top. The tracker is sectioned by daily and weekly tasks with boxes to check off when completed.

Chores include clutter, floors, counter, dishes, and laundry for the daily portion. The weekly portion tasks are bathroom, dust, floors, sheets & towels, catch-all, and fridge.

#3. Reusable Chore Dashboard

Perfectly sized for a Hobonichi Weeks planner, this laminated chore dashboard from BiggleBeanStudio is available in her shop.

The dashboard includes a daily section: make beds, clean dirty dishes, sweep kitchen floors, wipe down kitchen counters & table, wipe down bathroom surfaces, sanitize kitchen and bathroom sinks, and laundry.

The weekly section includes: vacuum carpet and rugs, scrub bathroom surfaces, clean glass, mop kitchen and bathroom floors, change bedding, wipe down kitchen appliances, toss expired foods, dust furniture.

Finally, the monthly tasks include: dust blinds, vacuum vents and woodwork, dust and clean light fixtures, clean out freezer, clean dishwasher, vacuum, washer & dryer, and wash pillows & comforters.

#4. Happy Cleaning

Britt_preplans made a cleaning schedule for her Happy Planner. These planners are great because you can move pages as needed which is useful for a page like this one because you’ll want to revisit it often.

Her plan includes weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly chores. Weekly tasks include bathrooms, laundry, wash sheets, meal plan, office, yard work, and bedrooms.

Bi-weekly jobs are dust house, clean out cars, appliances, clean out fridge, organize pantry, and clean fans.

The chores attended to on a monthly basis are wash cars, clean trash cans, organize office, declutter, windows/mirrors, and fixtures.

#5. Clean home, happy home

This very organized cleaning schedule reminds me of a cleaning song I used to sing with my grandma. The song included certain days of the week for various tasks.

The concept behind this is to tackle a room each day of the week to keep it clean. Monday is bedroom day and Tuesday is bathroom day. Wednesday is kitchen day while Thursday is living room day. Friday is devoted to the not-so-often needed tasks that change every week of the month. Finally, Saturday is spent on outdoors.

Daily tasks not on the weekly calendar include make beds, do dishes, and straighten up.

#6. Bird’s Eye View

This cleaning tracker left me completely inspired and impressed! It uses a ring binder page spread. The page on the right is a cleaning log numbered for every day of the month. The page on the right features a floor plan so that areas of the home can be filled in when completed.

Do you think you’ll make a floor plan like this in your cleaning tracker?

#7. Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you gonna clean the house? Ha ha ha!

Ok pathetic knock knock jokes aside, this short and to the point cleaning schedule from delightful_bulletjournals features a bright orange background.

The schedule is divided into daily, weekly and monthly chores.

Daily tasks are wipe down countertops, do the dishes, sweet the floors, and take out trash.

Weekly jobs include wipe down appliances, scrub bathrooms, clean mirrors, do laundry, and vacuum, mop, & dust.

Don’t forget to do the monthly chores of checking pantry for spoils, cleaning throw pillows, wash windows, and clean fridge.

#8. Healthy & Happy Balance

Allflouredup made a pretty cleaning schedule in her bullet journal decorated in pink and green. Her page includes daily, weekly, and monthly chores along with the cleaning supplies needed.

At the bottom of the page is a quote that reminded me not to be too obsessive about cleaning, “Keep your home clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy.”

#9. Stamp Happy

Mysassyplans created a unique cleaning schedule in her happy planner. She used cleaning icon stamps for each chore. She stamped them into a weekly layout so that she can check off the task when completed.

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