March Bullet Journal Page Spreads

March BUllet Journal Page Spread You Have to Try!

March means spring is on the way! Time to think about spring flowers, new life, plants, green, St Patrick’s Day, and even spring cleaning.

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Use some of these words to help create your March bullet journal pages. You can incorporate them on your cover, monthly calendar, trackers, mood log, goals, weekly, and daily page spreads.

In addition, here are some important dates to remember for March 2019:

  • March 8th - Women’s Day

  • March 20th - First Day of Spring

  • March 23rd - Puppy Day

  • March 28th - MLB Opening Day

Maybe some of these “holidays” will help you come up with ideas for your March page themes.

Check out more monthly spreads ideas for other months, too!

Before we get into the March page ideas, if you are new to bullet journaling, you may want to check out some of these helpful posts.

My favorite March page ideas

Image by @milkteastudiez

Easy to doodle leaves frame this March cover page. Leaves are made in various colors and highlighting the month written in calligraphy and an easy-to-reference calendar.

This is a bright and happy page that’s easy to replicate.

Image by @b.bulletjournal

Origami was the inspiration for this pastel colored March cover page. A flock of origami birds is lead by a paper airplane. Below the March block lettering, a bear and lone bird make their way in the opposite direction. Create your own fun origami bujo page!

Image by @thizidizi.bujo

Early spring flowers such as the crocus’s, shown above, create a welcoming March cover page. Drawn in black with yellow accents, these flowers frame a monthly calendar.

Image by @hulloalice

I love all the green on this cover page! These easy to draw leaves surround calligraphy March lettering and an easy-to-reference monthly calendar.

Image by @pestozesto

In addition to the impressively perfect lines that I aspire to create in my own bullet journal, this March calendar spread has the month written in hand lettering accented by spring buds. There’s extra room on the side and bottom for notes and important tasks.

Image by @fantastic_bujo

Break out the watercolor paints and create a lively bullet journal calendar spread! Lines are drawn in black to create the monthly blocks, names of the week, and outline the flowers. Then washes of color fill in these easy to make botanicals. I also like the blue shadows on all of the daily blocks.

Is this a spread you’re going to try?

Image by @thegoldinkpress

This March cover page is traditional with a modern twist! Four leaf clovers cover this page for an abundance of good luck! I love how the artist used lots of shades of green and layered them over one another as well as black outlines to really pop the page.

This could be a fun technique to try for so many other months! How about hearts, seashells, or snowflakes?!?

Image by @idee_bulletjournal

Setting goals each month is a great way to hold yourself accountable and stay on track. This beautiful minimalist bullet journal spread sets March goals and accents them with a large hand drawn flower. Here’s more Bullet Journal Goals Page Ideas.

Image by @jay.bujo

This is one of my favorite bullet journal decorating hacks! Place a Post-It in the middle of the page. Then make drawings or doodles around it. In this case, the artist created leaves in pretty spring colors. When you’re done, remove the Post-It and ta-dah! a beautiful squared edge. Then write the month in the center.

Image by @patriciabujo

Succulents are another easy way to add doodles to your bullet journal cover page. This artist made potted cacti and succulents in lots of shapes and sizes surrounding a handwritten monthly header. If you haven’t tried drawing succulents, you’re missing out on some fun! They are simple to draw and very forgiving.

I hope you found lots of inspiration in this post! What theme are you going to use for your March pages?

Let me know in the comments below.