10 Mimimalist Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas

10 Tracker Ideas for a Minimalist Bullet Journal

One of my favorite things about bullet journals are the trackers!

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Did you know you can track anything your heart desires? You can track your daily steps, water intake, exercise, sleep, flossing, mood, and so much more. Check out lots of bujo tracker ideas here.

Not only is it satisfying to fill in the box when you finish a daily task, it’s an easy and amazing way to achieve big goals. The best way to accomplish something is to break it down into small parts.

Small steps achieved every day result in big live goals achieved.

I find minimalist bullet journals so beautiful. I tend to be one of those people that loads my bujo up with tons of stuff. The more the better..colors, stickers, washi tape…the works. Here’s my favorite bullet journal tools.

So, when I see these beautiful clean pages, I admire them so much! The clean, straight lines and controlled restraint is something I someday hope to achieve in my own bujo.

That said, I decided to put together a collection of my favorite minimalist tracker ideas. Here are 10 ideas you have to try in your bullet journal.

Image by @watts_up_dog

Simple boxes allow you to track an entire month of goals on one page. This minimalist spread tracks flossing, bullet journaling, finances, reading, and league.

Image by @bulletjournalnoob

Are you a TV binge watcher or do you like to watch shows an episode at a time savoring each one? This minimalist series tracker is a good way to log your favorite shows and make sure you don’t miss an episode.

Image by @itsallkelly

One word a day. Choose just one word that sums up or inspires your day. What words are you choosing each day? Are they positive or negative? Are they motivating or demotivating? Words matter. Use a tracker log your word each day and then see how they affect you over time.

Image by @cwistina_s

I recently published a post of bullet journal savings trackers. I really like this minimalist one because it logs savings broken down by category including: emergency fund, medical, mileage, and paychecks.

Image by @bujomayo

I love the way this minimalist tracker uses symbols to track moods and habits. Clean, simple, and to the point. What will you track in your bullet journal?

Image by @menwhobullet

This tracker from menwhobullet tracks really important work days off you want to know, but forget to keep track of! This is such an easy and clever way to remember how many vacation days you’ve used (and have left!), paid sick days, medical, floating holiday, and volunteering.

Image by @theduodenary

This may just be the cleanest tracker ever. A simple sleep tracker that sums up minimalism on a sheet of paper, this sleep tracker is a graph with days and hours. The lines drawn in the graph show time slept. Easy and efficient!

Image by @fourdotspaper

Track whatever you want in your bujo! This minimalist one page tracker logs exercise, hydration, journaling, Instagram, and no spend.

Image by @ohmysheet

A beautiful tracker spread provides the moon phases surrounding a circular sleep tracker. On the right side of the page is a habit tracker to log expenses, period, steps, cleaning, and workouts.

Image by @maries.journal

Stay on point with your social media goals by logging them in your bullet journal. This simple tracker helps you set goals and achieve them. This tracker is to grow Instagram followers. Goals have been predetermined and written down. When a goal is reached, it gets colored in with the date achieved logged below.