Bullet Journal Habit Trackers

Change your life with bullet journal habit trackers!

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Bullet Journals are the ideal place for tracking habits and various aspects of your life.

Why would you want to track habits?

You'll improve your life with habit trackers!

Habit trackers are a great way to hold yourself accountable for areas in your life you want to improve. Think of them as a way to bring awareness to your goals. For example, you decide..."Hey! I need to drink more water." Well, until you take active steps to drinking more water, your water intake will stay the same. 

Here's my real life habit tracking experience.

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to stop drinking Coca-Cola. I don't drink coffee or tea, so Coke was my morning caffeine fix...plus, once or twice throughout the day.

That's a lot of sugar and caffeine. I felt like I was drinking too much soda and thought maybe it was time to quit.

Thanks to my husband...he mentioned he recently read an article that it takes 21 days to form a habit. I thought, "Ok, 21 days isn't too long. I can do this." So, I created a tracker (long before I was bullet journaling) and began marking off the days in my planner that I hadn't had Coke.

Quitting wasn't easy!

There were times I craved Coke. soooooooooo. bad.

I even had dreams about Coke.

I plugged away at my daily tracker and replaced Coke with plain sparkling water. Checking off each day of my tracker was so rewarding! Sparkling water provided the bubbles I loved without the sugar or caffeine. 

At the end of 21 days...it worked! I no longer craved Coke or any flavored soda. In fact, I tried Coke several months later and it was too sweet! I haven't had a desire for cola drinks at all since then.

Little did I know that the article my husband sent me actually said it could take from 21 to 66 days to create a habit. I had 21 days in my head and it worked.

Is a habit tracker important?

Using a habit tracker is a great way to remind yourself that it's something important to you and to bring focus to your goals.

Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.
— Tim Fargo

Tips for Success

  • According to science, it takes 21-66 days to adopt a new habit.

  • Don't beat yourself up if you fail one day. Don't quit. Just leave that day blank in your tracker and keep going!

  • Have fun with your tracker! Draw doodles and write words of encouragement. Those daily affirmations are perfect for retraining your brain when you feel like caving.

  • You're stronger than you think! You can do anything you desire!

Habit Tracker Ideas for your Bullet Journal

  1. Water Intake

  2. Weight Loss

  3. Exercise

  4. Sleep

  5. Mood

  6. Reading

  7. Journaling

  8. No Spend

  9. No Alcohol/Smoking

  10. Meditate

  11. Steps/Day

  12. Make your Bed

  13. TV Series

  14. Running

  15. Healthy Eating

  16. Social Media Posting

  17. Social Media Traffic

  18. Period

  19. No Spend

  20. Headache/Migraine

  21. Vitamins

  22. Cleaning

  23. Bills

  24. Vitamins

  25. No Tech

There are so many other habits you can track that I didn't mention here. Now it's time for you to start tracking. Check out some awesome habit tracker spread below.

Habit Tracker Inspiration

Image From  TheISlandBujo

Image From TheISlandBujo

This tracker from theislandbuho keeps track of five different goals on one page. The honeycomb shaped tackers include no spend, laundry, exercise, instagram, and twitter.

It's a good combination of personal goals and social media goals. I love that it's been decorated with adorable honeybees and accented with some yellow polka-dot washi tape.

BunnyBears went with an oceanic theme for her habit tracker. There's a sunken ship with curious creatures as well as a norwhal peeking out above the sea.

There are trackers galore on one spread - eleven total! It includes 2 liters water, 30 minute workout, withdraw, 3 instagram account trackers, vacuum, haircare, body care, home cooked meal and sleep tracker.

Theabstraktscholar came up with a really creative triple tracker all integrated on one interesting page. There's a window with the sun shining in for her fitness tracker, below the window is a flower box for mood tracking.

To the left is a book case for study tracking and on the table the open book holds the legend. Love this!

Image From  BLazin.Bujo

Image From BLazin.Bujo

Maximizing the power of the dot journal, blazinbujo packs a lots of trackers on one page. Goals like brushing teeth, making bed, getting ready on time, and 10k steps are just a few of the handy trackers created by this bujo'er. 

Image from  Littleolivebujo

Image from Littleolivebujo

Simple doesn't have to mean boring. Littleolivebujo starts out creating two rows of boxes for each habit then embellishes the page with gorgeous flowers, quotes and inspiration. Since she went with a black and pink theme, the result is clean and fresh.

Image from  HelloBonJournal

Image from HelloBonJournal

Image From  RachelMayBujo

Image From RachelMayBujo

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Change your life with bullet journal habit trackers!