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Cute Heart Doodles You Can Draw

Cute Heart Doodles You Can Draw

I realized something the other day. I draw hearts on almost every single page of my bullet journal!

Hearts are so easy and fun to draw.

Why I love making heart doodles

  • You can draw them quickly.

  • The shape is satisfying to make.

  • They are very forgiving.

  • Hearts don't have to be perfect to look good. In fact, my favorite heart doodles are the ones that are a little wonky!

I thought it would be fun to explore heart doodle variations to my bujo. Here are hundreds of heart doodle ideas to add to your planner.

Most of these heart doodles start with the same shape and then are embellished on the inside. There are 30 really cute ideas for your to watch in this video and then draw on your own.

This doodle with me video has so many unique yet easy to draw hearts. They will look fabulous in your bullet journal! 

Don't wait until Valentine's Day to add heart doodles to your life! You can watch this video and practice making lots of cute hearts as you are watching.

Grab your favorite pens and markers and start doodling hearts. Add them to your notebook, planner, bullet journal, cards, and envelopes. Heart doodles are an easy way to put yourself in a good mood and show someone else you care.

We're not done yet! Here's 50 more super cute heart doodles you can draw.

I hope you got lots of ideas for expanding your heart doodles! 

Where do you draw hearts? Do you have a favorite heart doodle style? I'd love to heart. Share in the comments below.

Hundreds of Easy Heart Doodles You Can Draw
Hundreds of Cute Heart Doodles Anyone Can Draw!
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