Doodles for Beginners

Easy Doodles for Beginners

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Doodling is so much fun! It's a great way to relieve stress, clear your mind, gain focus, and of course..a way to decorate your bullet journal or planner.

You don't have to be an artist! You can draw any of the cute doodles below. There's ice cream, flowers, cute cats, bullet journal icons, mountains, plants, crystals, weather, and so much more!

What do you need to start doodling?

You can start doodling with just a piece of paper an pencil. However, there are a few simple tools that will make drawing even more enjoyable. Having pens, markers, colored pencils, and markers make your doodles really pop.

Here's a list of my favorite doodle tools:

Draw Ice Cream Three Different Ways!

Cute ice cream doodles including an ice cream cone, a popsicle, and a waffle cone. 

Do you think drawing flowers is hard? It's not! This video shows you how to doodle 10 different flowers from one design!

Cats, cats, cats! This video shows you twelve kawaii cats that you can draw. Doodle them in your notebook, planner or bullet journal.

You can paint with watercolors! Incorporating watercolor with your doodles provides a unique and artistic flair to your planner, art journal or bujo. This video provides lots of fun watercolor doodle ideas for beginners.

Doodles for one of my favorite times of the year, FALL! This doodling for beginners video shows you so many cute fall doodles that anyone can make.

Make lots of happy flower doodles! This doodle with me video shows you how to make spring flower doodles. You'll want to draw them everywhere.

If you like to bullet journal, you'll love watching this ultimate guide to bullet journal doodle ideas. Packed with fifty fun doodles, you'll learn how to draw easy mountains, pineapples, cloudes, feathers, bees, arrows, pens, lots of plants and so much more.

Who doesn't love adorable monsters? This easy doodle tutorial will show you how to draw forty-one kawaii cute monsters. 

Use icons for quick reference in your planner or bullet journal. A simple icon is an easy way to draw your eye to important events and things to remember. This doodle with me video shows you how to make lots of cute icons to add to your schedule including tooth, airplane, car, envelope, lightbulb, shopping care, camera, thumbtack, notepads, books, shopping bag, and more!

Do you have favorite doodles you like to draw? How do you use them in your planner or bullet journal. Let me know in the comments below!