Halloween Doodles + 60 Prompts Free Printable

Spooky Halloween doodles you can draw in your bullet journal or planner + 60 Halloween doodle prompts FREE printable!

Spooky Halloween doodles you can draw in your bullet journal or planner + 60 Halloween doodle prompts FREE printable!

Halloween is right around the corner so I decided to round up the best Halloween doodles and drawing ideas I could find.

I’m going to be trying them out on my bullet journal planner pages. Do you decorate your planner for Halloween?

These Halloween doodle designs include candy, witches, pumpkins, monsters, moons, and more!

All of the doodles you’ll see here are easy to draw in simple line drawings. I gathered up a collection of both scary and cute Halloween doodles.

The videos will take you step by step through lots of spooky doodle ideas and designs.

In addition, I’ve created a Halloween drawing prompts FREE printable which you can download at the end of this blog post.

Halloween Drawings Videos

Amandarachlee kicks off our Halloween doodle videos with more than 50 simple drawings you can make. Use them to decorate your notebook, planner, or bullet journal for the spookiest holiday of the year.

Doodles include gravestones, bats, cats, leaves, trees, Halloween candy, eyeballs, spiderwebs and much more!

Doodle along with Amanda in this fun spooky doodle with me video.

If you’re looking for some cute Halloween doodles, check out this video from Doodles by Sarah. She shows you how to make a cute night sky, spiderweb, pumpkins, ghost, gravestone, bugs, skulls, witch’s brew, bat, candle, mummy, witch, and dracula.

All you need is a dotted notebook and a Micron pen to get started.

If you love to add doodles in your bullet journal, look no further than this Halloween doodles video from Caitlin’s Corner. Learn how to decorate your bujo with witch’s spells and potions, spider web, spooky jack-o-lanterns, candy corn, mummy, Frankenstein, Dracula, and ghosts.

Direiellie also shows you how to make lots of easy to draw Halloween doodles. In this video, she creates a page of Halloween doodles that you can use on Halloween crafts or in a notebook or bullet journal.

This video by Appy Doodles is full of some really unique ideas. All of the doodles are based on geometric shapes! If you can draw straight lines, you can make all of these doodles!

Set your bullet journal and planner stickers aside and draw instead! Draw lots of spooky doodles in your planner even if you are a beginner. You’ll be drawing scary doodles such as a zombie hand, gravestones, ghosts, bats, witch’s brew, and coffins.

Halloween goes kawaii with these cute doodles from Doodles by Sarah. Her witching hour video includes lots of adorable Halloween inspired drawings such as candy, a witch, a bubbling cauldron, a sleeping cat, a spider in a tree, smiling ghosts, carved pumpkins, an a flying bat.

Halloween Doodle Ideas and Examples

Masha Plans creates a bullet journal spread filled with 12 jack-o-latern doodles you can use in your own bujo or planner.

The Petite Planner make a colorful Halloween page featuring candy corns, a chocolate bar, potion, a witch’s hat, a cat, and a haunting ghost. Doodles were colored in with Tombow Brush Pens.

Afrija Siraj made a spooky Halloween doodles page that is packed with creepy cauldrons, haunting ghosts, scary spiders and much more!

What are your favorite Halloween doodles to draw? Leave a comment below or ask a question!

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