How to Start Hand Lettering with Simply Lettering Magazine

How to Start Hand Lettering and Calligraphy with Simply Lettering Magazine!

Have you been wanting to learn hand lettering or to improve your calligraphy skills?

Start now with NEW Simply Lettering Magazine!

I was gifted a copy of this magazine from my friends at Craft Stash, and I’m happy to share everything I have been enjoying about it. PS. I did not receive any financial compensation for this post and my opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure for more information.

First off, I want to let you know that you can order your own copy of Simply Lettering Magazine here. In addition, you’ll get 15% off your first order when you sign up to the CraftStash US newsletter & get free delivery on all crafty orders over $70!

Now, let me tell you about this awesome new mag created just for hand lettering addicts like us.

Simply Lettering Issue 1 is focused on helping you learn how to start hand lettering.

If are somewhat skilled at hand lettering, you’ll love this magazine, too. Its 66 pages are packed full of tutorials, expert interviews, recommended tools, crafting projects, and ideas to improve your skills.

There are so many interesting articles and skill-building techniques inside, I know this is a magazine I will have for years so that I can reference it again and again.

This issue also comes with some special goodies!

Gifts included with Simply Lettering Magazine

Simply Lettering Magazine and Free Goodies - I can’t wait to practice all the hand lettering and calligraphy techniques inside!

Simply Lettering Magazine and Free Goodies - I can’t wait to practice all the hand lettering and calligraphy techniques inside!

  • Brush Lettering Starter Set which includes two dual-ended brush pens. Both pens have a flexible brush nib at one end and a fine tip end for details. The black pen is ideal for lettering, doodling, and creating unique fonts. The light grey pen is perfect for shadowing and adding effects to your letting. The set is just what you need to hone your hand lettering skills.

  • 32-Page Practice & Template Packet filled with practice sheets, templates for applying hand lettering to craft projects, as well as a template for journal doodling.

I was so excited to receive all of these extras, I immediately sat down and started practicing my hand lettering before even opening the magazine!

What’s inside SImply Lettering

Here’s a rundown of the articles and features you’ll find in this issue, what each article is about, and which ones are my favorites.

Lettering Toolkit

I’m fairly new to hand lettering so I really love this spread because it provides lots of materials and tools to expand my hand lettering skills.

I now have a shopping list of new tools I want to try such as watercolor inks, practice paper, and dip pens. Some of the tools you can use to get started include:

Lettering Toolkit Pages of Simply Lettering Magazine

Lettering basics & advice

I should have read this section BEFORE I started practicing my brush lettering because it provides lots of tips and tricks to forming the letters properly.

Just like learning any new skill, brush lettering takes some practice and it can be REALLY frustrating at the start. Controlling the pressure of your brush pen is the key to this type of lettering and it doesn’t come naturally (at least, not for me!).

This section has tips for how to form the letters as well as tips for lefties (that’s me) and dealing with smudging and spacing.

How to Get Started with Calligraphy

Masterclass: Color blending

I really enjoyed reading through this master class written by the magazine’s Commissioning Editor, Lou Collins. There’s some next level lettering ideas that show you how to apply blending techniques using watercolor inks or chameleon pencils.

I’ve never tried color blending in hand lettering so this is definitely on my bucket list.

Ask the Experts

This is an advice column that I really enjoyed because I love trying out new pens! Since there are so many pens on the market, Simply Lettering asked four expert designers which pens they favored and why.

Artist Focus: Kirsten Burke

Simply Lettering sat down with professional calligrapher, Kirsten Burke to discover what she loves about calligraphy.

As a newbie, I’m having a frustrating time with calligraphy.

However, after reading this article from Burke, I discovered that you just need to get over the learning curve of the craft to discover the magic of it. Burke describes calligraphy as “…the perfect escape. You can become so completely absorbed in what you’re doing that you forget about everything else.”

Faux calligraphy

Did you know there is a calligraphy hack?!? It’s called faux calligraphy.

It has the look of calligraphy without having to master light/heavy stroke combinations.

In this article by Sue Smith, you’ll learn about faux calligraphy AND get two fun crafting projects to put your new-found skill to good use. Smith shows you how to make gift wrap and gift tags in colorful faux calligraphy.

faux calligraphy.jpg

Lou’s lettering journey

The Commissioning Editor Lou Collins shares her journey into hand lettering and why she loves it - very insightful.

My favorite part of this article, though, is the 4 top tips for beginners such as the right pens and paper to use when you start plus an easy fix for mistakes.

Perfect pages

Helen Colebrook is a journaling expert that shows you how to incorporate hand lettering in your bullet journal with fresh ideas and layouts.

3 ways with shadows

Take your hand lettering over the top with shadows. Milly from Blink Lettering provides shadowing effects to add to your hand lettering.

I never would have thought to do any of these shadow effects on my own, so I’m really excited to give them a try. They really make your lettering pop!

shadow lettering.jpg

Chalkboard effects

Walk into any hipster coffee shop and you’ll see a large chalkboard adorned with beautiful hand lettering.

Why not incorporate some of those chalkboard styles into your home? Calligrapher Andra Danciu shows you how to create home craft projects with two step-by-step tutorials.

chalkboard writing.jpg

In the studio with: Paul Antonio

Simply Lettering chats with calligraphy expert Paul Antonio to share his in-depth knowledge of calligraphy. He provides and overview of calligraphy, how he got started, and his best tips for beginners.

Fountain pen basics

As someone who recently purchased three fountain pens, I found this fountain pens basics article by Leanne Cork extremely helpful.

She also includes three wedding stationary projects to test out your fountain pens including save the date, rsvp, and thank you cards.

Learn Fountain Pen Basics with Simply Lettering Magazine!

Home is where the heart is

My mom was a huge quilling fanatic, so when I turned to this page it brought back lots of happy memories from my childhood.

What I really love about this craft project from Carla Bagshaw is that it gives quilling a fresh modern look using typography to create 3-D lettering.


Helen’s diary

Here’s another article journalists and bullet journalists will love. Helen Colebook gives us a glimpse of her favorite journals how she uses them as a creative space, memory keeping, and planning ahead.

Doodling around

In this article by Annie Weir, we learn you don’t need to be an artist or calligrapher to enjoy creating a beautiful planner or bullet journal spread.

She includes templates and walks you step-by-step through creating a gorgeous floral weekly journal spread.

East Indian art

I was amazed by Karin Eppink’s article on East Indian Art. She shows you how to write and watercolor on top of ink without it being affected.

You’ll learn this technique as well as create a galaxy effect motivational painting.

Quote card

Do you like quotes? I love them and even have journal filled with my favorite quotes. But, did you know you can create quote cards? It’s a great way to share your favorite quotes with friends and family members.

In this article by Vera Silva, you’ll learn how to use brush pens for this fun-to-make craft.

5 minutes with…Ian Barnard

The last page of the magazine is reserved for a 5 minute interview. This issue features hand lettering artist Ian Barnard and it’s a quick round-up of how he started hand lettering, lessons learned, tools he could not live without, and more.

Whew! That’s a lot of good stuff packed in one magazine!

To order your copy of Simply Lettering Magazine click here. Don’t forget! You’ll get 15% off your first order when you sign up to the CraftStash US newsletter & get free delivery on all crafty orders over $70!

Happy hand lettering!

- Nancy

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