Spooky Halloween Bullet Journal Ideas

Spooky Halloween Bullet Journal Ideas You Can Make!

October is one of my favorite months to decorate in my bullet journal.

Halloween provides so many fun doodle ideas so it’s easy to create an entire month’s worth of page spreads around this holiday.

I rounded up some of my favorite Halloween bullet journal spreads for inspiration.

They are filled with ghosts, witches, pumpkins, candy corn, haunted houses, full moon, bats, potions, and more.

In addition, I’ve created two other blog posts you may want to check out as well.

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MashaPlans features a haunted house to decorate her goals page. There are sections for monthly and weekly goals surrounded by a spooky house, jack-o-lanterns, a barren treen, and starry night.

Skys.bujo is filled with a witch’s favorite tools. This two-page spread is for two weeks of planning. Across the top it says, “fire burn and cauldron bubble” in colorful lettering.

The page is adorned with potion bottles, snakes, candles, crystal ball, and broom. In addition to the weekly blocks, there’s also space for to dos, email, and notes.

Hexa_studies created a Halloween themed weekly page spread adorned with pumpkins. Across the bottom is the phrase, “hocus pocus, it’s time to focus” in faux calligraphy.

Salmisen_tiina designed an October monthly page spread that is Halloween inspired. On the left are trick-or-treat ghosts, bats are flying across the top of the page, and at the bottom is a quote, “if one door closes and another one opens…your house is probably haunted.”

Hw_bujo created a creepy Halloween weekly bullet journal spread with a very simple design. The background is painted in watercolor in orange. There are boxes for the weekdays that are dripping with blood. Lots of spider webs are hanging in the corners of the page and there’s a todo list on the right.

Our_special_goals made a Halloween inspired October cover page. It’s a wreath made with pumpkins, skeletons, spiders, spiderwebs, leaves, and branches.

At the bottom of the page is an October calendar at-a-glance.

Ohhmable made a very spooky weekly page spread. It features a haunted house in front of a large full moon, a ragged fence, a large empty tree, and bats. One more thing I really like about this bullet journal page is that all of the headers are written in a spooky handwriting. It’s not hard to do, just make your writing shaky to create this creepy appearance.

I love this bullet journal page from lilbrownjournal! It’s a weekly spread over Halloween. The weekly boxes are slightly wavy making them a bit more interesting than perfect squares or rectangles.

The space all around the boxes is filled with Halloween doodles such as ghosts, spiders, sweets, pumpkins, witch’s cauldron, skulls, candy corn, and balloons.

Littlemissrose created a Halloween page that those who aren’t super into holiday decorating can try. The background is watercolored in ombre shades to create a very calming sunset. Then a bevy of bats are flying out into the evening. Plants in the foreground are drawn with a black pen.

Study_arty created a really cute page in her bullet journal. It’s a Halloween preparations page which includes choosing a costume, eating candy, and carving pumpkins. What is your Halloween preparation plan?

Rlm.arts made a spooky Halloween weekly spread. The daily headers each have a unique potion bottle next to them. The page is also decorated with spiders, spiderwebs, skull, ghost, and gravestone. I also really like the tracker heading made of creepy eyeballs.

Do you decorate your bullet journal or planner for Halloween? Do you decorate for the month, week, or just the day? Let me know in the comments below.