Ice Cream Doodles Anyone Can Draw

How to Draw Cute Ice Cream Doodles - Lots of Fun and Easy to Draw Ideas!

Ice cream doodles are ALMOST as fun as actually eating ice cream!

I recently created an ice cream doodles page for my bullet journal so that I have it for easy reference.

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When I’m decorating my bullet journal, often times I end up sitting and staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration. Has that ever happened to you?

To avoid that problem, I started making an entire library of cute and easy to draw doodles when I’m actually feeling creative.

Then, when I’m creating monthly or weekly layouts in my bullet journal I just flip to the doodles section in my bujo and I can find lots of cute doodles and add them to my page spreads.

You can check out my recent ice cream doodle page as well as check out lots of inspiration from other ice cream doodle lovers.

This article is divided into 4 parts:

  • Tools for ice cream doodle page

  • My ice cream doodle page

  • How-to draw ice cream doodles videos

  • Ice cream doodle ideas for your bullet journal

Tools for Ice Cream Doodle Page

My Ice Cream Doodle Page

My doodles include an icy drink, an ice cream cup with small spoon, soft-serve in a wafer cone, single scoop in a sugar cone, red white & blue rocket pop, orange popsicle, ice cream sandwich, sundae, orange-sicle, chocolate covered popsicle, frozen yogurt in a wafer cone, multi-fruit popsicle, lime freezer-pop, single scoop with sprinkles in a waffle cone, and a hot fudge sundae.

ice cream doodles-3.png

How to Draw Ice Cream Doodles Videos

This video shows you how to draw three cute and drippy ice cream doodles. Doodles include a waffle cone, a popsicle, and wafer cone. All three styles have happy faces and are easy to draw.

She Doodles made a page filled with 20 ice cream doodles. Use them to decorate notecards or on your bullet journal or planner pages. They are all simple line drawings that can be left black and white or colored in with colored pencils, markers, or watercolor.

Here are even more ice cream doodles that you can replicate! The Idea King video shows you 12 ice cream doodles including popsicles, sugar cones, wafer cones, waffle cones, and even a sundae. These doodles have kawaii faces and some are topped with cherries and strawberries.

Wow! Doodles by Charley created video packed with 42 ice cream doodles! They are simple to draw doodles that you can draw. Grab a marker and sheet of paper and give them a try.

Ice cream doodle ideas for your bullet journal

When I create doodles, then I like to investigate and find ideas for how to use them in my bullet journal. There are so many cute ways to incorporate ice cream doodles on you bujo pages. Check them out below.

B.bulletjournal made a bullet journal weekly spread and added ice cream doodles to the side column. The column is filled with ice cream doodles and sprinkles using a black pen. Then the background has been colored in rainbow shades using colored pencils.

It’s a really creative way to decorate the page and one I can’t wait to try in my own bullet journal.

Bujobylucy made an ice cream doodles step-by-step tutorial on this bullet journal page. There are four cute doodles for you to draw.

Anxiousartsyself incorporated ice cream on her habit tracker and mood tracker spreads. On the habit tracker page, each scoop of ice cream holds a monthly tracker. Trackers include make bed, self care, read/write, stream, create, clean, exercise, and job/future.

The opposite page is a mood tracker using ice cream doodles to record the mood for each day.

Ice cream is perfect for bujo monthly cover pages as shown on this page from Noneniebujoscrap. Drippy popsicles spell out the month in curvy block lettering. Below that is an adorable ice cream truck followed by a monthly calendar.

Nemisisnotebook created a two page monthly calendar spread and then decorated around the edges with lots of delicious ice cream and popsicles.

Here’s another monthly mood tracker. The scoops of ice cream will be colored in as the month progresses.

Debjanicreates shows us how to make 6 simple ice cream doodles in step-by-step tutorials. These ideas are perfect for your bullet journal pages. Once you make the doodles, color them in to add your own creativity.

Use ice cream to decorate a One Line a Day page in your bullet journal. This colorful page is adorned with an ice cream doodle at the top and bottom of the page - so cute!

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