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How to Draw Flower Doodles

How to Draw Flower Doodles

Do you love to add doodles to your bullet journal or planner but often sit there staring at the page and wondering what to draw?

How about adding some easy flower doodles to your bullet journal! Now before you tell me you can’t draw, you may want to read How to Bullet Journal When You Can’t Draw and then come back to this page so we can get started!

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Flowers are surprisingly simple to draw and a fun way to add interest to any bujo or planner page.

5 Ways to Use Flower Doodles in Your Bullet Journal

  • Make one large flower to decorate an entire page

  • Use flowers or botanicals as dividers on a page

  • Add a floral border to the side or edge of a page

  • Decorate empty spaces with small flower clusters

  • Create a floral frame around a favorite phrase or quote

I have been doodling flowers in my bullet journal a lot lately. In fact, here is my most recent flower doodle page.

Easy and fun to draw flower doodles for your bullet journal or planner!

In addition, I’ve compiled a collection of my favorite 10 doodle flower tutorial videos.

They cover all kinds of decorative flower ideas including easy doodles, frames, borders, wreaths, and more.

Before you get started, grab your favorite pen and some plain paper so that you can doodle along with the videos. Create a reference page filled with floral doodles you love. Then when you are ready to decorate your bujo, you can just refer to the page and pick a flower to draw.

10 Flower Doodle Flower Tutorials - Hundreds of Ideas!

I love the Seventeen’s video series on bullet journaling, and this one is no exception. Margaret Flatley says flowers are her go to doodle. Ever since she started bullet journaling, she “fills every nook and cranny with some sort of flower.”

She said she likes to decorate her bujo with really quick and easy doodles so she shares her favorites in this video: daisy, rose, iris, petunia, succulent, dandelion, tropical leaf, tulip, dahlia, and sunflower. Each doodle flower tutorial is done step-by-step, so be sure to practice each of them.

Margaret uses Sakura Micron Pens for the black outlines and Papermate Flair Markers for coloring in the flowers.

The Petite Planner is one of my favorite doodlers. Her doodles are always cute, happy, and simple to draw. She uses Staedler Pigment Liner Pens in 0.3 and 0.5 for the outlines and fills the page with these adorable flowers. I can’t wait to add some of them to my bujo.

Mille Exquis shows you how to fill your planner pages with pretty flower doodles that anyone can draw. This video includes 50 different flowers that you’ll love to make.

Start with a simple circle. If you can’t draw a circle, that’s ok! Use a compass or this popular Helix for perfect circles every time. the ART gEEK shows you how to take an ordinary circle and embellish it into a fun floral masterpiece!

There are lots of thick black lines in this video and they’re made using the Pilot V Sign Pen. Color is added using Windsor & Newton’s ProMarkers.

I love adding wreaths to the monthly cover pages of my bullet journal, how about you?

If you are a beginner doodler, this video from Camilla Loschbrandt might just be the perfect place to start. She begins every flower the same way and then by making small changes to each one, shows you how to make 10 different variations!

By repeating the same flower over and over, you’ll be able to get really good at making that flower. Then, branch out learning how to make other doodles.

If you want to learn how to draw lots of big happy flowers, check out this video by Doodle with Sarah. I like that many of her doodles have smiley faces on them.

Use these floral doodles alone, or incorporate them in with other doodles on your bujo pages.

Fins English created a handy video of floral doodles. I like to think of these more as botanical flourishes. Flourishes are MY FAVORITE thing to draw in my bujo and what I doodle most often. I use flourishes to frame important information, divide a page, and frame a header. Then I color them in with my favorite green colored pencils.

This video gives me lots of new ideas for flourishes, I hope you find them handy, too.

Cheyenne Barton loves to make rose and blossom doodles. She shows you how to make variations of simple rose doodles and how to embellish them with stars, sparkles, leaves, circles and more. These are cute flowers to add to every corner of your planner!

Take your borders and frames to the next level with these pretty, yet easy to draw, doodles! Crafty Nica shows you how to make lots of pretty and colorful frames for your bullet journal or planner pages.

She also recommends trying them out on school projects, cards, Valentines, note, or wherever you want to show a bit of creativity. She has the video divided into sections, so it’s easy to find where you are when referring back to the video at a later date.

Amanda Wright made a video about how to draw spring flowers. For each floral doodle she tells you how she makes each one as she creates it. Then she adds the plant’s common name and latin name below each drawing. Doodles include daisy, poppy, tulip, anemone, bluebell, and thistle. She created these doodles using a Moleskine Sketchbook and Micron Fineliner Pen.

Looking for more botanical doodles? Check out Bullet Journal Plant Doodles You Can Draw

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