Bullet Journal Plant Doodles

Cute Plant Doodles for Your Bullet Journal!

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Plant Doodle Ideas for Your Bullet Journal

I love plants! I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who enjoys creating plant doodles in my bullet journal. 

The photos below are loaded with botanical inspiration from leafy greens, to succulents, and flowers; plants are a fun way to decorate your planner or bujo.

My favorite way to make plant doodles is to first draw the plant with a black Micron Pen and then fill it in with color using colored pencils, dual brush pens, and watercolor paints

Be sure to go allllllll the way to the end of the post to see the fabulous doodle ideas!

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Image from  Couleursduvent

Image from Couleursduvent

This page from couleursduvent is a bujo page devoted to just plant doodles. There are hanging plants, terrariums, succulents, orchids, and lots of decorative pots - very inspiring!

Image from  Shiprapanosian

Image from Shiprapanosian

Can you see there's actually a weekly bullet journal spread in this lovely plant page from Shiprapanosian? She's added a quote at the top with a wide border of plants, then her weekly to do list and plans are below the days of the week. Below that is another beautiful layout of terrariums, succulent gardens, and house plants!

Image from  Crinspire

Image from Crinspire

One plant on a page can be just as effective as many. Crinspire made a pretty flowering plant with yellow petals. Overall, a very nice page!

Image from  Ginnyx_K

Image from Ginnyx_K

Break out the Copic Markers like Ginnyx_k did for this pretty terrarium page.

Image from  Studymish

Image from Studymish

Studymish created a page with hanging plants, potted plants, and dangling vines. I can't wait to replicate this page in my bujo!

Image from  Alicedotrose

Image from Alicedotrose

Who knew a monthly calendar page could be this adorable? Alicedotrose made her February calendar in the middle of the page and then surrounded it with a greenhouse full of plants. My favorite is the lightbulb with the vine climbing down it. So sweet!

Image from  Shaystudy

Image from Shaystudy

Bullet journal trackers don't have to be boring! Shaystudy proved this with an Instagram tracker. Each goal is an individual plant to get colored in when the goal is reached. Go follow her for more inspiration and so we can see the completed page!

Image from  Dreams.dandelion

Image from Dreams.dandelion

Dreams.dandelion isn't afraid of color - I love that! This vibrant page of house plants features lots of flowering plants, potted plants, cut plants, terrariums, and hanging plants.

Create lots of habit trackers on a bullet journal page and still have room to decorate! Photosforthememories created EIGHT trackers on one page and then embellished each one with a pretty tulip wreath.

Image from  Ehess04

Image from Ehess04

When your cat causes trouble, don't kill him...journal about it! Ehess04's cat (Carl) likes to eat her plants so she focused her frustration by creating an amazing and funny bullet journal page!

Image from  Bao.Journal

Image from Bao.Journal

Design.marianamoura created simple and inspiring cacti and succulents in clean white pots.

Image from  Bujo.aubrey

Image from Bujo.aubrey

Bujo.aubrey created a pretty plant doodle page featuring potted plants. My fave...the BONSAI!