Cute Doodles Anyone Can Draw

 Cute doodles anyone can draw! Add them to your bullet journal or planner

You can draw cute doodles!

Do you love to doodle, but don't think you have skills to make anything cute? Surprise! You do. Just a little practice is all it takes to make some really cute doodles. 

All of the images below show adorable and fun-to-make doodles with easy to follow step-by-step tutorials. 

How to practice making doodles

  1. Keep a doodle journal

  2. Make a page in your bullet journal to practice your favorite doodle ideas

  3. Doodle on a piece of scrap paper

  4. Forget practicing and just GO FOR IT in your favorite planner, bujo, or notebook

  5. Most of all, remember, you aren't being tested on this...doodling is for fun!

Be sure to read all the way to the end for all the doodle inspiration!

Draw a pineapple with this step-by-step tutorial from therevisionguide.

It's a kawaii cute pineapple complete with a bow, blushing cheeks, and a sweet smile. Draw the pineapple with a black marker then color it in with Koi Brush Pens. uses her bullet journal and Tombow Brush Pens to show you how to draw a rose. 

This rose drawing is made up of very simple lines and shapes. You've got this!

Pusheen is the cutest cat in the world and a doodle you have to add to your bullet journal. Happyliee made a How to Draw Pusheen page and colored it in with Brush Pens.

Bellah.bujo shows you how to make a bunch of really cute doodles.

In this bullet journal page spread, you'll learn how to draw a coffee cup, cat, cactus, dandelion, paper airplanes, galaxy, light bulb, binder clip, and Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

Which doodle is you favorite?

Hummingbirds are perfect for drawing to give a garden or nature feel to your page.

This hummingbird doodle from Planwithady shows you how to draw one in just seven steps. Draw one in your dot journal or planner.

Couleursduvent adds a fresh take on spring with a few nature inspired doodles.

They include a potted plant and watering can, a tote filled with farmer's market popular items, and a bouquet of pretty spring flowers. 

Simple, happy, and must-doodle. Medzcreative gives us the cutest carton of milk to draw in four easy steps. 

I have confidence in your doodling skills. You can do this! Draw a cute elephant with Barbsstudy in six easy steps. 

Made using Artline Stix, these brush markers are also fun to use. You can draw then build with them!

Everyone can draw a flower and that includes you! In just 6 steps, camillaloschobrandt shows you how to make a super easy flower.

How do you doodle a penguin? Look no further! This friendly penguin from Sheboeye can be drawn in six simple steps. 

Do you have a bright idea? Feel like you deserve an award? Need to put a pin in it? Or take note of a particular date?

You can do all of these things with fun doodles from planinitasarla.

You'll learn how to make all of these class notes and bullet journal accents in this how-to-draw tutorial.

Drawwithnat shows you how to make a fun fish doodle in just for easy steps! 

Lemonade complete with lemon slice and straw is just what your bujo needs. You can draw it in six steps thanks to rttdraw.

Do you use a dot journal for you bujo? Take advantage of the dots to make a border or frame!

This four-dot border brought to you by therevisionguide is made in easy steps. Use it to draw attention to important information.

Thanks to visissbujo, flower have never been easier to draw. In just six steps, you'll be able to make point flowers...all you have to decide is what colors will your flowers be!

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 CUTE DOODLES ANYONE CAN DRAW - Lots of easy to follow step-by-step doodles you can make!