How to Improve Your Bullet Journal Doodles

How to improve your bullet journal doodles!

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Doodling is for everyone!

Do you think you aren't very good at drawing? Well, you don't have to be to enjoy doodling.

Guess what?!?! You aren't the only person that is hesitant to start bullet journaling because they don't feel like they are very good at drawing. Watch the first video to see what I mean! Doodling is something everyone can do and get a lot of enjoyment out of it. 

Here's the trick to getting better at doodling...when you practice doodling (or anything, for that matter) you get better at it!

The following 12 videos show lots of easy ways you can doodle in your bullet journal or planner. The take the guesswork out of thinking..."what should I draw???"

Everything you'll see here is really easy and fun to draw.

Grab paper and your favorite pen and doodle along! You'll be able to go at your own pace and stop/start as needed.

Tools You'll Need:

Be sure to watch all the way to the end so you don't miss any of these amazing doodling ideas!

Noelle, Seventeen's go-to gal on bullet journaling says one of the biggest comments she receives from many viewers is that they are afraid to start their bullet journal because the can't draw or doodle. Noelle explains she's also not an artist and keeps a doodle page in her bullet journal filled with her favorite doodles. 

This is an excellent page to have in your bujo for easy reference when you'd like to add doodles throughout your planner.

Bullet journal enthusiast Erin Elissa takes you through some of her favorite embellishments and doodles.

Her video will show you how to make various headers, floral frames, cute daily icons, and borders to add to your bullet journal or planner.

A Paperella Story uses doodles and cute fonts to make her daily pages and to-do lists. 

Maaybees creates lots of fun frames to duplicate! These easy to draw frames are a great way to highlight important lists, appointments, and reminders in your planner or bujo.

Wreaths are another really cute way to add doodles to your planner. Just like with the frames shown in the last video, you can use wreaths to bring attention to important pieces of information such as header, dates, and appointments.

I also love using wreaths on the monthly intro page. I write the month in an interesting hand writing style such as faux calligraphy, then draw a pretty wreath around it and color it in.

Direiellie shows you how to make completely adorable and easy to draw icons that will take your bullet journal or planner to the next level. 

Mark an important birthday with balloons, a present, or birthday cake. Have an important report? Draw a little computer icon. Do you like to record the weather? This video shows you how to make all of those doodles and a lot more!

If you like doodling plants and food, you'll love this video. These are all easy to draw and you'll have fun copying them to use on your own bullet journal pages.

Buntings and banners are like little flags connected by a string. They are so much fun to draw in a bullet journal!

Doodles by Sarah shows you how to make so many of them in this well planned out video. She also suggests parts to color in or add letters to buntings.

In this video from Seventeen, Noelle shows you how she incorporates doodles in her bullet journal. She decorates lots of pages and each one of them is unique! 

Doodled Pages in Noelle's Bullet Journal

  • Book log

  • Countries visited

  • Movies to watch

  • New words/vocabulary page

  • Dream log

  • Favorite lyrics

  • Daily doodles

  • Quotes page

  • Gratitude log

  • Wish list

  • Birthdays

  • Favorite lip colors

  • TV shows log

  • Bucket list

A Lukwarm Mess creates lots of fun and popular to make bullet journal doodles.

You can easily make this frames, banners, buntings, and note pages and add them to your planner pages.

Color them in or leave them black and white for a minimalist look.

If you like cute doodles, you'll love this Kawaii collection from Klarabella. Water bottles, coffee cups, and even a cactus looks adorable when adding a sweet kawaii smile. 

All of these doodles are easy to replicate and add to your bullet journal pages.

Mariana's Study Corner encourages those new to bullet journaling to have fun and make lots of easy to draw doodles. 

She says most of her doodles are created by making dots and then connecting them! (How easy is that!)

The tutorial is broken down into two easy-to-follow sections for banners and then dividers & flourishes. 

Doodle Wrap Up

I hope you've discovered lots of great ideas to add to your bullet journal. The first step is just getting something on the paper and watch yourself improve as you move through the pages. 

Do you have something else you'd like me to cover on bullet journaling, planning, or doodling? Let me know in the comments below!

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