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Cute Travel Doodles for your Bullet Journal or Planner

Cute Travel Doodles for your Bullet Journal or Planner

I love doodling in my bullet journal, so an upcoming trip pushed me to look for travel doodle ideas.

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In fact, I’ve decided to use my bullet journal as a travel journal for the trip, so I wrote several other articles on the topic that you may want to check out:

Apparently, I’m not the only person who likes to create doodles for vacation or travel plans! There are lots of doodle ideas available.

I rounded up my favorite travel doodle videos as well as some cute doodle pages you can try in your bujo.

Travel Doodle Videos

Doodles by Sarah created an easy to follow video filled with cute travel doodle ideas. An airplane, fluffy clouds, suitcase, passport, maps, tickets, globe, sunglasses, and camera doodles are the perfect decorations for your travel bujo pages.

She Doodles made a travel doodle ideas video packed with drawings for your bullet journal. Doodles include postcard, instant photo, direction signs, umbrella, shoes, palm tree, envelopes, coffee, airplane, boat, binoculars, money, ice cream, sunglasses, hot air balloon, mountains and more!

Shraddha Shah also created a travel doodle spread packed with lots of cute doodles you can use on your calendar or planner pages. Her doodles include an airplane, sun, clouds, suitcase, hot air balloon, mountains, the Eiffel Tower, palm tree, compass, paper airplane, arrows, and more.

Artist Explores made a video I think all bullet journalists will enjoy! These travel doodles are monthly headers. I’m always looking for new bujo header ideas and these are unique and inspiring.

In addition, if you are using your bullet journal as a travel journal, you could replace the word MONTH with the destination.

She also packed the video with lots of inspiring travel phrases, too.

All about Art brings us a travel doodles ideas video with simple doodles you can draw. There’s a family wagon, suitcases, globe, passport, sunglasses, camera, airplane, map, ship, photos, scarf and hat.

Carolitaocreative made a page of really cute travel doodles. These are smaller than the doodles shown in the videos above. What I really like about them is that they are suitable for putting in tiny spots such as a calendar block or weekly page spread.

Artbypineapplehomie created step-by-step travel doodles that you should definitely try! You’ll learn how to draw a suitcase, instant camera, 35mm camera, globe, airplane, and paper airplane.

Smaracuja documented a trip to Mallorca in her bullet journal. It’s a one page layout with doodles to remind her of the trip. A simple explanation of each doodle is written neatly next to it. What a great memory of a vacation!

Iandidoodles went over the top with this doodle page from a trip to Budapest. The entire page is filled with memories, monuments, and cute people (and monster) doodles.

Ekprints1 will take your doodles to the next level with these easy-to-follow travel doodle examples. You’ll learn how to make a camera, and airplane, passport, map, suitcase, postcard, and instant photos.

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