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13 Bullet Journal Calendar Layout Ideas

13 Bullet Journal Calendar Layout Ideas

Do you use a calendar layout in your bullet journal?

Having a calendar page is great for looking at your upcoming plans at a glance.

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You can put monthly calendars for the year all together in the front of your bullet journal or when you start a new month.

The beauty of the bullet journal is that you get to decided where everything goes in a layout that works best for you.

I had daily and weekly planners in the past that didn’t include monthly calendar pages and I felt very lost without them.

I like to be able to open up to one page and see all of my important appointments, birthdays, events, and goals for an entire month.

Rather than using a future log, calendar pages are also where I record upcoming events and appointments.

How do you use calendars in your bullet journal?

I decided to round up lots of different calendar layouts that you can use in your bullet journal. They are suitable for any month of the year.

Bullet Journal Calendar Layout Ideas

JournalwithMolly created a plant inspired calendar page. Cute plant doodles hang from the top of the page. There’s a calendar in the center of the page to be used for reference rather than to log appointments or events. A little botanical washi tape at the bottom completes the look.

I love this colorful calendar layout from Bujobeyond. She used lots of pastel shades to create a pretty calendar surrounded by confetti. Elements I find inspring are the slightly rounded edges of the calendar, the faux calligraphy monthly header, and black outlines around each tiny piece of confetti.

I’m a sucker for anything with lemons on it and this calendar spread from bujo_by emma is no exception. Even though there’s a lot on this page, it’s surprisingly easy to create. Draw lots of circles on the top of the page and layer them so that some parts are hidden. Then fill them in with teardrop shapes to create delicious lemon slices. Draw two more lemons in the lower right corner and then fill them in with your brightest yellow Tombow Brush Pen and Stabilo Highlighter.

Keep your head in the clouds all month with a calendar like this one from bujobyrosemarie. Each of the days of the month is a fluffy cloud! Add an airplane with a dotted line that tracks its path and you’ve got a fun and easy to make calendar layout.

Here’s another houseplant inspired calendar layout, yet it’s completely different than the one I featured previously. This monthly spread only uses horizontal lines giving it a very minimalist vibe. Calligraphy is used for the title, days of the week headers, and notes header. Cute dangling vines and potted plants adorn the page.

Wreckthisjournal_pret created a calendar layout with two months on one page. The months are shown for easy reference with sections next to each month for recording important events, appointments, and to-dos. Little bits of washi tape accent each month.

I really love this calendar spread from bujorach because it’s pretty and decorative by just using stickers, washi tape, and papers. You don’t have to be an artist to create an interesting spread. Dig through your drawers and use papers, washi, and stickers in a new way. Combine them to create a look that is uniquely yours.

Xpaperwingsx made a calendar layout so unique, I had to include it here! She said she makes a lot of mistakes while creating her monthly calendars (I do, too!) so she chose to cover them up with these cute page number flaps. They remind me of an Advent Calendar with each month being a surprise.

It can be a fun addition to any month! This spread is decorated with succulents and terrariums for an easy-to-dray layout you can replicate.

Busy bees decorate this clean and easy to make calendar layout from bujomarks. You can create this page in your own bullet journal using Tombow Brush pens to make highlight each week and fill in the bees.

It’s origami time! Selenascorner created an origami inspired layout by making geometric shapes and a large paper crane. Even the daily blocks have an origami-vibe. The spread has been created in all black for a very clean and minimalist feel.

Making the most of calligraphy (or faux calligraphy) skills, this calendar spread from imagikation is a beautiful calendar layout accented by a banner, feather, and paper airplane doodles.

Stabbyspellbook channelled the 80s with this monthly calendar spread. Stripes, zig zags, triangle and lots of color make me want to cut the neckline off my sweatshirt and wear my hair in a side pony (yes, I did all that back in the day)! It’s a fun and festive layout you’ll want to replicate while listening to Duran Duran and Flock of Seagulls.

You don’t need to make boxes for a calendar layout. You can use simple corners as shown here by dariusmortee to define your daily sections. Pretty botanical drawings highlight each week and the Ecoline Brush Pen draws attention to the days and month.

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