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How to Draw Cute Dogs

How to Draw Cute Dogs

I’m going to be adopting a new dog soon so dog doodles have been on my mind! I love to doodle cute dogs and puppies on my bullet journal pages.

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I usually create an entire page of my favorite doodles on one topic (in this case, dogs) for reference.

I like to think of it as my “doodle library.”

Then, I have cute doodles to refer to when I’m coming up with new page spreads.

I know that once I adopt a dog, I’ll be creating lots of dog spreads in my bujo such as dog training, feeding schedule, vet/shots schedule, and even a calendar for walks.

These doodles will come in handy for all of those pages. I’m sure I’ll share those pages with you, too!

In fact, here is my recent dog doodle page in my bujo. I had so much fun drawing these cute doodles!

How to Draw Cute Dogs - Lots of Easy to Draw Ideas!

The doodle named “Angel” is one I created years ago for my Maltese (named Angel).

Angel the Maltese

Angel the Maltese

It’s one of my favorite doodles and I use it a ton!

The other dog named “Ellie” was Angel’s best friend, a feisty little Dachshund.

I’ve added links below to where I spotted the rest of the dogs on this page.

Here are the tools I used to create this page:

Most of these doodles that I practiced were from the Doodle Dogs and Sketchy Cats Book. It’s a great book packed with hundreds of cute doodles. I also found two of the dog doodle ideas online (source) and (source).

Of course, I had to round up even more cute dog ideas for you to draw. Here are 9 How to Draw Cute Dogs videos.

How to Draw Cute Dogs

When I searched for how to draw a dog on YouTube, I looked for tutorials and videos that guide you step by step. I also wanted to find cute dogs that are easy to draw and would be suitable for bullet journals or planners.

Most of these dogs have a cartoon feel. All are simple and easy to replicate.

Here are eight cute dogs that you can draw. Breeds include Schnauzer, Labrador, Poodle, Chihuahua, Maltese, Corgi, Shiba, and Pug. They are all simple line drawings that would look adorable on bujo pages!

Draw So Cute never disappoints with her doodle videos and this sweet Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy video was no exception. Grab your favorite pen and markers and start doodling.

Learn how to draw puppies and dogs! The video goes a little fast, so just rewind and stop when needed so you can create these dogs in your bujo pages.

Here’s a clever idea! Write the word DOG and then turn it into a dog doodle. It’s very easy to do and the finished results are fabulous.

This is a cute and simple-to-draw dog video that takes you step-by-step for doodling success.

Here’s a chubby little pup that every bullet journal needs. Learn how to draw the dog in pencil and then fill in with markers.

This is hands-down my favorite video on this list. Drawn by an eight year old, Jolissa shows you how to create two really cute and easy-to-draw dogs. I can’t wait to add them to my bullet journal!

Learn how to draw cartoon dogs with this video! You’ll learn to make two dogs and color them in.

Do you have favorite emojis? The puppy emoji is so cute and now you can draw it in your notebook, planner, or bujo with this step-by-step tutorial.

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