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Bullet Journal Packing List Ideas

Bullet Journal Packing List Ideas

Does getting ready for vacation or a trip make you stressed out? Do you feel disorganized? Do you constantly forget to pack items you need for your trip?

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What if I told you that packing for your next trip can be relaxing, easy, and actually fun!

By creating a packing list in your bullet journal, travel journal, or planner, getting ready for vacation will be almost effortless.

How to create a packing list

  • Start making a packing list a week or two ahead of your trip. This will allow you time to purchase or gather the items.

  • Write down EVERY item you’ll need to pack.

  • Place the packing list in an easy-to-access location such as in your bullet journal or planner.

  • Keep adding to the list as needed.

  • Divide list into categories to make it easier to keep items together. Use categories such as Clothes, Toiletries, Makeup, Electronics, Snacks, etc.

  • Plan one outfit for every day including travel days. I always include one extra outfit and underwear just in case something gets stained, ripped, torn, or broken.

  • Don’t forget to pack shoes, socks, undergarments, and pajamas.

  • Take in consideration where you are going. Are you headed on a cruise, camping, to Disney, to the beach, back packing, or a road trip. Be sure to pack clothes for comfort that fit the destination.

Packing List Ideas

I love decorated pages in my bullet journal so creating a vacation packing list is no exception. I rounded up lots of packing list ideas you can try in your bullet journal, travel journal, or planner.

This packing list from Happie_jenn is an excellent example of how to create an all-inclusive packing list.

She divided it into categories including documents, electronics, toiletries, hair, makeup, medical, journaling, carry on, clothes, clothes, accessories, and snacks. She decorated the page with cute doodles, too.

Sj_bujo also used categories in this bright and colorful packing list created for a trip to the lakes. The categories are a bit different than the ones listed above. They are divided into family members lists as well as car, bedroom, swimming, games, bujo, and extras.

Letsliveandlearn created a unique and handy packing list I have to try next time I go on vacation. She started with two sections, one for herself and another for her significant other.

Then using page flags, she wrote all of the items needed and placed flags in the appropriate section.

Once the items were packed, she moved the flags to her bullet journal so she could take them on the trip for easy reference.

She also noted that she saved the flags to reuse them in future packing lists. Genius idea! created a fun and festive packing list for an upcoming trip to Cancun, Mexico. Rather than drawing simple boxes around each category, the categories are written inside suitcases and travel bags. The categories are comfy clothes, cute clothes, carry on, and toiletries. Then the page is decorated in travel inspired doodles such as an instant camera, bikini, cocktail, and unicorn inner-tube.

Cinnamonbujos created a minimalist packing list with pops of pink Stabilo Boss highlighter and Sakura Micron Pen.

The reason I chose to include this layout is that I love the way the packing list includes outfits for each day of the week. That way, you can easily refer to the packing list while away and put on the assigned outfit.

There’s also a section for extras so you don’t forget to pack everything you need.

The_journal girl made a cute and organized packing list for an upcoming trip to Canada. Categories include clothes, shoes, accessories, tech/entertainment, health/beauty, and carry on.

She use a green highlighter to bold each category and then added stickers to decorate the page.

Mydailybullet made a very simple and easy to replicate packing list. The page is decorated with suitcase stencil and then a column of boxes was created for adding the items to be packed.

Once item is packed you can check it off the list.

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