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How to Use a Bullet Journal for Travel

How to Use a Bullet Journal for Travel

If you use a bullet journal, you know it’s the perfect way to keep your life organized in one place. If you are new to bullet journaling, click here for a beginner’s guide.

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But what about when you go on vacation? Do you leave your bullet journal at home? Next time you travel, take your bullet journal with you. It is just as handy while you are on the road.

In fact, you can also use your bullet journal for all of your pre-travel plans as well.

How to Use a Bullet Journal for Travel

Use your bullet journal for travel and vacation planning in addition to your daily plans.

It doesn’t matter if you are going to Europe, hiking in the mountains, heading to Disney, going camping, or going on a family vacation to the beach, your bullet journal will help you organize your plans and itinerary for the entire trip.

You can create minimalist spreads or you can decorate the pages with cute travel doodles and inspiring travel quotes.

Travel Bucket List

Do you have a wishlist of places you’d like to go? Turn those dreams into a reality by compiling a travel bucket list. Then, put plans into action to get to those places.

For example, if you’ve been longing to go to Hawaii, put it on your bucket list.

Research the places you’d like to visit and things you want to do while you are there. Create another page in your bullet journal and write those ideas down.

Research hotels and flights so that you can plan for the upcoming costs.

Start working towards that goal by putting aside money every week or month so you can go on that trip.

Wow, just by doing those things you are beginning to turn your dream into a reality!

Staycation Ideas

Staycation Ideas and Things to Do Near Home

Not every vacation needs to be to an exotic destination. Sometimes staying close to home is necessary (for example, if you have aging parents that need your help, you don’t like to fly, travel isn’t in the current budget, or have travel limitations).

But it’s still important to give yourself a mental break from your everyday life. Changing up the scenery does wonders for your overall outlook on life. I bet there are plenty of adventures in your own backyard that you can explore.

In fact, imagine you are a visitor in your local area. What places have you never explored?

Create a staycation-ideas list in your bullet journal.

Here are ideas to try:

  • Go hiking

  • Visit local museum or art gallery

  • Go to a park, zoo, or wildlife refuge

  • Plan a picnic

  • Have a backyard barbecue

  • Try a new restaurant

  • Visit local historical monuments or places

  • Attend a sporting event

  • Go for ice cream

  • Check calendar for upcoming fairs, farmer’s markets, carnivals, and musical events.

  • Plan a spa day

  • Take an art or crafting class

  • Plan an at-home DIY project

  • Go kayaking or swimming

How to Use a Bullet Journal for Travel Planning

Trip Planning

Use this section of your bullet journal to brainstorm and pull together all of the things you’d like to see and do while on your trip as well as research about the destination.

What’s the weather usually like when you’ll be there? And the temperature?

How will you get there? Car, bus, train, boat, or airplane?

What are activities you want to do while there?

Are there any attractions or events you want to see?

Where will you stay?

What restaurants do you want to try?

Flight plans and hotel accommodations

Create a page in your bullet journal for all of your flight plans. Write down the name of the airline, flight number, and flight schedule.

Also, include hotel and lodging information on this page. Write down the name of the hotel, their phone number, and arrival/departure dates.

If you have confirmation numbers for these plans, be sure to include them on this page. You may need to reference them while on your trip.


To make the most of your trip, plan an itinerary! Schedule things you want to do each day and then make arrangements and reservations (if needed) for those activities.

Packing List

Keeping a packing list in your bullet journal will keep you from forgetting important items. Make a running checklist of everything you need to pack and then check off items once they are in your suitcase.

I recently wrote an article on Bullet Journal Packing List Ideas. It includes how to create a packing list as well as lots of fun spread ideas from other bullet journalists.

Things to Buy

You may need to purchase items for your trip. For example, travel-size toiletries to maximize space in your bag.

If you’re going hiking you may need hiking boots, a backpack, and other hiking gear.

Planning a trip to the beach, you may need a new bathing suit or beach cover-up.

So that you aren’t running around at the last minute, create a page in your bullet journal for things you need to buy for your vacation.

Pre-Travel Personal To-Do List

Don’t wait until the last minute to arrange to get a passport, vaccinations (for some countries), arrange pet sitters, trash pickup, hold mail, and take care of the lawn and water your plants.

Make a list of all of these important to-do’s and write them down in your bujo so you don’t forget anything.

I also like to use this list to plan things I’m going to do on the flight and while relaxing. I add things like update my playlist, download movies and books, and plan a knitting project.

Pre-Travel Work To-Do List

Create a work to-do list before you leave on vacation so you aren’t worryied about business while you’re away. You’ll be able to relax and unwind knowing things are taken care of while you’re taking a much-needed break.

This list might include things such as:

  • Let important clients know you will be away and who they can contact while you’re out.

  • Finish up any important paperwork or projects.

  • Schedule newsletters and email blasts to automatically go out while you’re away.

  • Use a vacation reply email so email inquiries will know when to receive a response from you.

  • Arrange for someone to cover for you while you’re out and plan time training them on must-knows of your job.

Travel Journal

This is my favorite way to use my bullet journal for travel. Write in it like a travel journal!

Keep a daily diary of things you saw, events that happened, food you tried, and unique experiences you want to remember.

Add mementos such as postcards, ticket stubs, maps, brochures, and business cards. It will add interest to your pages and create a fabulous memory log to look back on.

Add photos!

You can use an instant camera such as Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 9 Camera. This is the camera my daughter uses. It takes small photos that develop before your eyes and are a fun addition to your travel bujo.

If you prefer to take photos with your iPhone, you can get a portable printer that fits in your pocket. I have the HP Sprocket photo printer. It is an ink-free printer that prints 2 x 3” photo stickers. It is my go-to printer for all bullet journal pictures. You’ll be able to write down your day and add photos right away.

Bullet Journal Travel Ideas

When it comes to my bullet journal, I love to get inspired by what others have created. Check out these awesome bujo spreads for travel.

Foreverdrinkingcoffee made a lively bullet journal page about her trip to Scotland. She made eleven boxes on the page and filled them in with lots of fun memories using decorative handwriting, stickers, doodles, and highlighters.

Pinkipoop.studies created a trip to New York and a college visit to Yale on this travel page spread in her bullet journal. She incorporated detailed descriptions of her visit along with receipts, stickers, and washi tape.

Memories from a trip to Aruba were well document on this beautiful bujo spread from Curlscity. Aruba written in large block letters in the center of the page was filled in with palm trees and flamingos. Around the word “Aruba” are recaps from the trip such as a hotel reviews, favorite restaurant, beach, bar, and favorite memories.

Nour.journals created a bullet journal page about her visit to an amusement park. She included her ride ticket, lots of photos, and descriptions of her favorite rides. What a great memory page!

Meowstudiess also created bullet journal spread about college tours. This page includes train tickets, college maps, brochure clips, and her thoughts on each college.

A trip to Hong Kong is perfectly recapped in this bujo page spread from Cakeandscribbles. Hong Kong is written in the center of the page and then surrounded by all of the memories she experiences along with doodles, drawings, and various fonts.

Feetonthestars created a page for an upcoming trip to Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. The weather forecast is including on the page as well as boxes for flight info, what to buy, packing list, and space to record info and memories for each city visited.

Itsbujotimee recounted a trip to Portland with lots of handwritten details, stickers, doodles, and quotes.

Gingerwhojournals made her travel page about a recent trip to Ireland. She used the page as a daily log to help her remember what happened each day including where she was, what she did, who she saw, and how she was feeling.

Kacplanner perfectly pre-planned a family mini vacation in her bullet journal. This page is packed with helpful information to prepare for the trip as well as get familiar with the destination.

There’s a map on the page along with how long it will take to get there. Travel dates along with check-in and check-out times at the hotel (helpful info to know!), the weather forecast, game ideas to play in the car, and where they’ll make a pit-stop will make the trip run smoothly.

The spread also includes fun facts about the destination, things to do while there, and expenses for the trip.

Cute Travel Doodles for your Bullet Journal or Planner

Cute Travel Doodles for your Bullet Journal or Planner

Bullet Journal Packing List Ideas

Bullet Journal Packing List Ideas