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How to Draw Really Cute Doodles

How to Draw Really Cute Doodles

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I love doodling in my planners and bullet journals. Most of the time my doodles are a little mental break in the middle of my work day or while I'm on a conference call.

I kept drawing the same three doodles (popcorn, flower, and leaf..seriously...yawn) over and over and over.

I was really bored with them and they were not very creative or pretty on my planner pages.

So I started watching lots of YouTube videos for inspiration. I found lots of ideas and quick doodles that I can now make without thinking too hard. In the beginning of every planner and bullet journal, I have several pages that have my favorite doodles for quick reference.

Now instead of drawing the same three doodles, I flip to my doodle inspiration pages, find something I like and then add that to my current page. My planner looks so much cuter now!

I draw most of my doodles using a Uni-Ball Power Tank 1.0 black pen. I also keep a pencil case nearby with colored pencils so that I can add color to my drawings.

The following videos are some of my favorite cute doodle ideas that you can add to your own bujo pages.

Doodles by Sarah is one of my favorite bullet journal/planner vloggers for doodling inspiration. In this video she add personality to words by turning them into doodles.

You actually feel the cold when she writes the word "chill" and adds snow and shake doodles to the word. "Kisses" is surrounded by a pair of lips and lots of little hearts.

You don't need to be an artist to add these simple and lots of fun to make word doodles to your planner. Just grab a Zig Millennium Marker and start drawing.

The Modest Cat takes you through her planner and you can watch her draw. I love that you can see how she uses doodles in her planner and combines them with words, bullets, and frames. 

The overall aesthetic is so cute! It's inspiring to see how you can incorporate just a few simple drawings to take your planner pages from drab to fab.

She does all of her drawings using Marvy Le Plume Double Ended Marker. This is also one of my favorite markers to use for headers and monthly intro pages.

Noelle from Seventeen does a really cute series of bullet journal and planner videos. I really like this one because she shows you some of her favorite ways to decorate your pages with super simple and easy to make doodles that anyone can do.

Then she makes her pages really pop by coloring in the doodles with markers. You don't need to use tons of markers either. Just 4 or 5 of your favorite colors are needed for accenting your doodles.

DireiEllie creates a page of favorite doodles (just like I do) in her Leuchtturm A5 Dot Notebook for easy reference. The doodles are made using Faber-Castell Pens and Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens.

There are lots of doodles you'll love adding to your planner such as birthday cake, presents, ice cream, pizza, weather symbols, and some cute flowers.

If you are looking for lots of doodles, you won't want to miss this video from Sinnika Li! It's packed with more than one hundred simple drawings that you can use in your bullet journal. The doodles are all numbered making them easy to find. Divided into categories, you'll find plants/botanics, spacey stuff,  travel & ocean, nature, and decoration.

The Planning Janises creates super cute banners and buntings that you can reproduce. Whether you use Happy Planner, Erin Condrin, Filofax, Daily Planner, Kikki K, or a bullet journal, these cute doodles work across all of them! 

The easy-to-draw doodles were made using Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens.

Hello Petite Paper gives us a glimpse into her memory keeping in Happy Planner pages. It's filled with really sweet doodles, washi tape, and text all set to music that will have you Zenned out. 

This doodle with me video was created using Tombow dual brush pens in 723 and 243.

A Paperella Story's video is loaded with really adorable frames and flags. These are a great way to call attention to an important appointment in you planner. I use them to remind me of doctor's appointments, special events, things to do, and happy memories. 

These doodles were created using Papermate Inkjoy Retractable Gel Pens.

Have you tried any of these doodles? What are some of your favorite doodle videos? I'd love to hear! Leave a comment below.

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