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Why You Need a Books-to-Read Tracker

Creating a reading tracker in your bullet journal is a great way to keep yourself on pace with reading.

Some people read a lot.

The REST of us...(myself included) need an extra push to read. Once I finish reading a good book, I think..dammit, I enjoyed that book so much, I need to read more!

I don't belong to a book club or reading group, so I don't have a steady push from others to remind me to read.

That's where a Reading Tracker comes in handy! Add one to your bullet journal and you'll be able to keep on pace with your reading.

Steps to Making a Bullet Journal Reading-Tracker

Consider why you are making a reading tracker. Everyone has a different reason to why they want to read more and knowing that will help you tailor the right tracker for your goals.

Step 1 Figure out your Reading Goals. Is Your Tracker:

  • To help you start reading more than one book a year?

  • For keeping track of the many books you read?

  • Because you have a reading wish list you want to get through?

  • To review books you've read?

  • To record the number of minutes/hours spent reading?

  • For tracking a particular series or author?

  • To record books read in different categories?

  • To track the number of pages read?

  • For recording book notes or favorite books quotes?

As you can see, there are many fun ways to track your reading and get engaged with the process.

Step 2 Put Together a Reading Wish List

There are so many ways to find books you'll love to read! Here are some of my favorite ways to get started.

  • Ask a Librarian. Yep, libraries are still out there and filled with librarians who love to read lots of books. They can make suggestions based on books you enjoy. Visit your local library! Find a library.

  • Check out Goodreads. This website is awesome and it was created to help you find books to read. On Goodreads, you can list some of your favorite books and it will suggest other books you might enjoy.

  • Amazon.com. Of course we have to refer to the beast of the book world, Amazon. What I love about their site is that you can find a book, read the reviews, see other books people have bought that enjoyed that book, and even download a sample of the book.

  • Do a Google Search. If you search for your favorite author, many libraries have compiled lists of books by similar authors. I have found this tool really helpful for picking up books for my dad. He reads 3 or 4 books a week, so it's a great way to discover more obscure authors.

  • Join a Book Club. It's a great way to meet others and discuss books you've read and want to read. You can create your own club with a few friends, check with your local library for clubs, or look for a club at meetup.com.

  • Ask a Friend. Ask a friend about their favorite book or latest book read. Most people love to share their opinion and can give you insight on books you may want to read.

  • Check Publications and Stores. New York Times Bestsellers List, USA Today Bestsellers, Barnes & Noble Top 100 List, Amazon Bestsellers List, Publishers Weekly Bestseller List, and LA Times Bestsellers List all publish lists of the most popular books each week. Some of these publishers even divide the books by category so you can choose a fiction book, mystery, romance, or even self-help book. It doesn't matter what you read, the goal is to expand your mind and ENJOY yourself!

  • Read Book Reviews. On most of the publications and stores listed above, you'll be able to read reviews and find out why people liked a book. It will help you make a decision for yourself if the book is a good match.

Step 3 Create your Bullet Journal Book Tracker

Now that you've set your reading goals (step 1) and compiled a reading wish list (step 2), now it's time to create your books spread in your bullet journal.

The images below provide lots of ideas and inspiration for setting it up.

You can choose to design a minimalist page or one embellished with lots of colors and a fun design - it's up to you!

Create a minimalist books-to-read spread like this one from lottes.bujo. The simple, clean lines are filled with lots of information and provide a list of books to be read.

Create a books to read tracker in your bullet journal

Create a books to read tracker in your bullet journal

This spread from bujo.watermelon has so much packed in a page spread! It includes a reading goal log and the total number of pages and books read.

It also has some fun information such as the longest and shortest books read, the average length of books read, as well as a grid for books read per month.

On the opposite page is a bookshelf filled with books read for school, audio books, and books for enjoyment.

Read more with a bullet journal bookshelf

Read more with a bullet journal bookshelf

Combine your reading log along with a favorite reading quote like the one recorded here by madhuri_mawji

noisyghostco created a books to read spread in her bullet journal and then colored in the book when finished. Such an easy way to keep track of your must-read list!

Bullet journal Books To Read Helps You read more All Year long

Bullet journal Books To Read Helps You read more All Year long

journalbysteph created a really cute Books-to-Read page in the beginning of her bullet journal. Since it's right next to her yearly page into, I'm assuming she's logging the books she's read so far for the year.

Record books to read as well as favorite quotes found while reading. It's a must-have for your bujo!

Record books to read as well as favorite quotes found while reading. It's a must-have for your bujo!

literaryletterer made a unique page spread for her books. The on the left is a clean bookshelf with books being recorded as they are read. On the right page of her bujo is a space to record favorite quotes she found while reading. This is a great idea and one I can't wait to incorporate in my next book page spread!

A bullet journal bookshelf is a fun way to motivate you to read more all year long

A bullet journal bookshelf is a fun way to motivate you to read more all year long

allthingsbujo made an adorable bookshelf bullet journal page. She's got lots of empty books she can log as well as a space on one shelf for a 10 book series! Every shelf is adorned with plants, crystals, and other sweet trinkets.

Track your books to read in a bullet journal

Track your books to read in a bullet journal

yunsuyi used an ingenious idea to made her reading log! She made boxes in her bullet journal, then filled in the books read (or about to read) by printing out thumbnail versions of each book. I love this!

Set a goal to read more and track it in bullet journal books to read

Set a goal to read more and track it in bullet journal books to read

journalbear created a lovely stack of books. Her goal is to read two books a month.  I like the dotted lines to write on and the bookmark hanging from top book.

This might be my favorite book tracker. Created by abiding_kelseyleigh, there is so much info on one page and it's all beautifully arranged. At the top is a quote, "What is a bookshelf other than a treasure chest for a curious mind." 

Below that are two tiny shelves. One to record the number of books read, the other to record the number of pages read.

There's a colorful bookcase loaded with books tiny books, plants, and vases to decorate the center of the page. The bottom of the page has a list for her 2018 favorite books. 

michaela.liebel dazzles us with a reading tracker page in her bullet journal. She said this page was inspired by her room. There's a lamp, hourglass and castle on top of the bookshelf with a bulletin board hanging nearby with the quote, "Books are a uniquely portable magic."

She created a few more than 52 books (because of the fold) and her goal is to read one book a week for the year. 

Back up on the bulletin board is a posted page left blank. That space is for writing down any book recommendations.

amber.journals took on a reading challenge for the year. I love how interesting this challenge is. It doesn't just tell you to read a certain number of books. Instead, she has prompts such a fanfiction, short story, self-help book, a book with a color in the title, and a memoir. 

This is a great way to enrich your mind in many different areas!

mitzileedesigns made a small, yet effective book tracker on her monthly habit tracker page. Very sweet!

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Bullet journal books to read trackers. Find out why you need a reading log in your bujo and how to make one!