How to Draw a Cat: Cute Cat Doodles for Beginners

Cute Cat Doodles Anyone Can Draw: How to Draw Cats!

Doodling is a really fun creative outlet! Plus, the more you doodle or draw, the better you become at it.

I love doodling in my planner and bullet journal but I tend to draw the same doodles over and over again. So to spice things up, I decided to look into more cute doodles that I can add to my pages.

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I add doodles to my monthly cover pages, my calendars, and my weekly spreads. I usually draw them in at the beginning of the week and as the week progresses, I color in a few doodles at a time.

It’s a great way for me to have a creative break in the middle of the day.

I also love cats! I had four cats growing up and they were all a bit crazy, fun, and entertaining!

In this article, I’m going to show you everything a feline friend would love to know about cat doodling.

There are lots of videos on how to draw a cat, cute cat doodle ideas, step-by-step videos, cat doodle examples for your bullet journal, and even cat doodle books you can buy.

Be sure to read all the way to the end so you don’t miss a cat doodle!

8 Cute Cat Doodle Video | How to Draw a Cat

Makoccino kicks things off with our first cat doodling video. She starts with a pencil and sketches out all of the cats on the page and then goes over them with a Micron pen.

There are sweet kittens in fun poses as well as cute doodles of things cats love including: yarn balls, fish bones, cat food, and paw prints.

Do you love extra cute and cuddly looking cats? Then be sure to check out this video from Doodle Art Time. It features 12 kawaii doodle cats in an easy doodle tutorial for beginners.

These cats are in various positions and lots of different moods.

Doodle by Sarah is one of my favorite YouTube doodlers. In this video she shows you how to make 10 cats in cute poses. All are simple line drawings using a Precision pen.

Draw So Cute shows you how to make magic with a Sharpie! In this video she takes you step by step so you can learn how to draw a Tabby kitten. This is a beginner tutorial and super easy to follow along then try it yourself.

Cute cats, loving cats, stretching cats, and smiling cats! This video from Deni zeichnet shows you how to draw 12 friendly felines with just a simple black marker.

This video is meant for kids but adults can have fun with it too! Created by Art for Kids Hub, you’ll learn how to draw a black cat step-by-step with easy to follow instructions.

Pusheen is an easy to doodle cat and the perfect decoration for your bullet journal. Learn to draw Pusheen in another instructional video from Art for Kids Hub.

What’s better than a cat and a unicorn? Combining them to create a caticorn! Draw So Cute shows you how to make this colorful and magical friend using Sharpies.

Cat Doodle Examples for your Bullet Journal

Here’s a creative way to add cats to your weekly bujo page spread! Start with 4 horizontal lines on each page then add the cat heads and paws to create daily sections. So cute!

Impawfect_doodles creates lots of cute and happy cats. Give your cats personal touch by coloring them in, too.

Put cats on your monthly intro page. May unzips to reveal lots of cats waiting for a month of fun.

Make an entire page of cats. Create them using a black Micron Pen and add color to the background with Zebra Mildliners.

With a cat, you’ve always got a sweetheart! Draw one in your bujo weekly spread. Here is a spaghetti dinner with a favorite cat.

I love bloggin_blondie’s monthly tracker page. It has trackers for goals, water, and books all neatly arrange. Then down at the bottom is a happy cat holding a heart shaped balloon.

I’m completely obsessed with CatVonKat’s Instagram! She takes images of cat heads and then doodles around them adding bodies and adorable scenes. This could be a lot of fun to try in a bullet journal and next up on my bujo bucket list!

How to Draw a Cat Books

Didn’t get enough cat doodles? Sometimes it’s helpful to have a book you can hold in your hands and look at leisurely. Here are 4 easy to follow books to take your cat doodling to the next level.