10 Bullet Journal Music Spreads

10 Bullet Journal Music Spreads You Have to Try!

Do you love music? Why not let it inspired your bullet journal pages! I’ve rounded up my 10 favorite music themes to get you inspired.

As you’ll see in the easy-to-duplicate examples below, there are so many ways to add music to your bujo including weekly spreads, monthly spreads, mood trackers, favorites playlist, best music of the year, and more!

Did you know music affects us in so many ways. In fact, in a recent article from Buffer, I discovered 6 little known ways music benefits our brains.

  1. Happy/sad music affects how we see neutral faces

  2. Ambient noise can improve creativity

  3. Our music choices can predict our personality

  4. Music training can significantly improve our motor and reasoning skills

  5. Classical music can improve visual attention

  6. Music helps us exercise

So embrace your love of music and let it fill your bullet journal pages as well!

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10 Music Themed Bullet Journal Ideas

#1. Jkm.doodles made a favorite playlist page by drawing an iPhone and headphones. There are boxes with space to write the favorite songs while the page is colored in using Zebra Mildliners.

#2. Misterguttilla made a Christmas music spread. The page on the left features a Christmas tree made of music staff and notes. The page on the right is a list of favorite Christmas music.

#3. Linesbyliza used music to create an entire weekly spread. The day-of-the-week headers feature staffs with music notes. Additional sections on the page are made to look like “what’s playing” on a cell phone. Sections include month-at-a-glance, work, to do, to get, and trackers.

The page is in all black and white and the finished results are crisp and refreshing.

#4. Lisanplan incorporated music into her September monthly page spread. This layout will work for any month of the year. Start by drawing the monthly layout boxes then decorate the background with staffs and music notes.

#5. Create a music inspired mood tracker like this one from hedgehogjournal. It’s a drawing of a record player with the record acting as the mood tracker. It’s divided into sections for every day of the month and then days get filled in according to great, ok, and bad.

#6. Here’s another way to track your mood for the month using music! Bujopurcello created a page filled with music notes - one for every day of the month. There’s a colorful key at the bottom and the notes get filled in for each day depending on the mood. It’s a simple to make page that provides gratifying results.

#7. Here’s another bullet journal music spread from linesbyliza. It has a completely different look than the one featured above. This weekly spread uses piano keys for each day of the week. The headers for other sections on the page are made using music staffs. These sections are trackers, to do, to get, and work.

#8. Do you have song lyrics that speak to your soul? Write them down in your bullet journal! Taffy76_journal wrote down the lyrics to a favorite 80s song, Wild Boys from Duran Duran.

#9. How to you capture a year in music? Make a music log in your bullet journal. Irenejbujo decided to capture the year on a page by providing a box for every month of the year. In each box, she writes down her favorite song of the month.

#10. The last bullet journal music spread here is from spocreative.co. It’s a weekly spread using cassette tapes as the headers for each day of the week. If you take a look at the image below you can see it is really colorful using a pink and blue color palette. If you click to view the other image, you’ll see a black and white version of the spread. Either version will make a cute and interesting layout.

How will you use music in your bullet journal spreads? Let me know in the comments.

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