Bullet Journal Meal Plan Spreads

What’s for Dinner Just Got Easier! Meal Plan Spread Ideas for Your Bullet Journal + FREE PDF Printable!

“What’s for dinner?” just got easier!

One of the hardest parts of my day is constantly having to think up meal ideas.

Usually, it happens when I’m hungry and have NO IDEA what to cook.

I recently stumbled upon other bullet journalists using their planners to map out meals for the week so it takes the guesswork out of mealtime.

For me, that is a game changer!

No more running to store at the last minute or eating junk food because I can’t figure out what to make.

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Meal Planning Tips

  • Short Term- What I’ve noticed about Meal Planners is that they are planned a few days or a week in advance.

  • Grocery List - Often times the grocery list is on the spread right next to the meal planner so that it makes grocery shopping easier, too.

  • Get Everything In One Trip - When planning meals, list out all of the ingredients you’ll need to pick up for the upcoming meals. No more running to the store to pick up missing items because you’ll have it all planned out on your shopping list.

  • Cook for Multiple Meals - You don’t have to cook an entire meal every time you eat. Make a big batch of your favorite dish and then store it in the fridge or freezer for no-cook meals later!

  • Try new Recipes - Add new recipes to your meal planner and then add the recipe using one of these ideas. Be sure to add ingredients needed to your grocery list.

  • Eat Out, too - If you’re eating out, be sure to add that to your meal planner as well so that you know you aren’t cooking for that meal!

Meal Plan Spreads

I’ve rounded up lots of bullet journal meal plan ideas to help get you started.

Haleyjournals created a one page meal planner for the week. As you can see, things are kept simple by eating the same thing for breakfast every day. By choosing just a few meals for lunch and dinner, it allows her to batch-make meals ahead of time and then enjoy them all week long.

I love these Happy Planner Half Sheet Notebooks especially when it comes to meal planning. On this two-page spread, there is room for both meal planning and a grocery list. The groceries are divided out by department making shopping even easier. This spread was created by a.novel.plan. I love the Happy Planner Food Stickers used on the spread as well.

Craftyenginerd created a simple yet effective four-day meal plan. This plan includes only lunch and dinner. Below the plan are the meals that are going to be made along with a list of ingredients for each.

At the bottom of the page is a grocery list with all of the items needed for the upcoming meals.

I love the idea of a black-pages bullet journal especially for meal planning. On this spread made by creativefiggy, it has the look of a restaurant chalkboard menu. To create this look use white pens such as Faber Castell Pitt White 101 Pen, Sakura Gelly Roll White Pen, and Uni-Ball Signo White Rollerball Gel Pen.

Breakfast_with.Katherine made a bullet journal weekly meal planner. On the left side of the spread is the meal planner for each day and includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. On the right side is a grocery shopping list with items divided by department.

Haphazardjournal is a planner who likes OPTIONS. This meal planner is a bit different than the ones previously shown because it provides healthy options rather than planned out meals. The first section is a list of “breakfasty things” followed by “snacks and small meals.” The last section is “somewhat healthy ingredients” which has been divided into categories: veggies, grains, proteins, and fruit.

Plansbyg also brings us a FLEXIBLE and “make ahead menu.” This spread is filled with meal prep ideas. Rather than making a traditional meal planner, there are favorite go-to meals made ahead of time so that there are a variety of options to choose from.

Keto dieters can use a meal planner, too. Corporate_bujo shows us how to do this effectively with this two-page bullet journal spread. It includes the days of the week along with space for breakfast, lunch, and dinner planning. On the right side of the page is a grocery list to stick with the keto diet.

The final meal planner spread was created by turning the bullet journal sideways. On the top page is a weekly planner that includes space for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for each day. On the bottom page is space for a grocery list. Both pages are adorned with cute potato, steak, and spaghetti doodles.

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