How Many Dots are in Leuchtturm?

How many dots are in a Leuchtturm notebook? What you need to know to plan page layouts and spreads!

Leuchtturm is one of the most popular dot journals available. It’s a fabulous notebook for journaling, taking notes, travel, and business planning. However, it has become the go-to notebook for bullet journalists around the globe and one of my personal favorites.

If you are new to bullet journaling, you can learn more about it here.

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Many people like to create calendars, weekly page spreads, logs, and trackers in their bullet journals. When planning these pages, you might want to know how many dots are in the Leuchtturm so you can plan your layouts correctly.

The most popular size Leuchtturm1917 is the A5 Medium notebook. So that is the size I’m providing for this article.

How many dots are in Leuchtturm?

Dots per Page

  • 27 dots and 26 cells across to create columns.

  • 39 dots and 38 cells down to create rows.

  • That’s a total of 1053 dots per page.

Dots per Page Spread

  • 54 dots and 52 cells across to create columns (not counting the center seam)

  • 39 dots and 38 cells down to create rows.

  • That’s 2106 dots per page spread.

Dots per Journal

  • With 249 pages per Leuchtturm, that’s a total of 262,197 dots per journal.

Learn more about the Leuchtturm Notebook

The Leuchtturm A5 notebook is available in both hardcover and softcover.

I love the hardcover version because it allows me to write anywhere even if I don’t have a table or desk available to write on.

There’s an elastic strap on all Leuchtturm notebooks so that when you close the book, it keeps everything inside neat and tidy.

Leuchtturm is a thread-bound notebook with an easy-to-write-in lay-flat design. The journal measures 5.7 x 8.3 x 0.7 inches and is available in 19 gorgeous shades.

Click the link/image below to shop all colors of this notebook.