Spring Bullet Journal Doodles

Easy Doodle Ideas for Spring - Anyone Can Draw!

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Easy Doodle Ideas for Spring

Get inspired! Add a bit of spring to your bullet journal and planner.

Grab your favorite markers, colored pencils, and pens to get doodling. 

All of the doodles shown below are easy to replicate and you don't need to be an artist to make any of them! 

What doodles should you make for spring?

Rain and clouds, umbrellas, rubber boots, chicks, lambs, trees, bumblebees, ladybugs, caterpillars, leaves, worms, and LOTS of flowers!

Image From  EmmaBlueCutsPaper

EmmaBlueCutsPaper created a stunning spring graphic. Does this look too hard? Well break down the individual elements and you can create this too. Using brush pens, she wrote "Hello Spring" and then accented it with contrasting colors. Then to decorate around the lettering, she drew very simple flowers and leaves. Overall, a beautiful creation that you can replicate!

Image from  Alexandra_Plans

Image from Alexandra_Plans

Create lots of cheerful spring doodles with inspiration from Alexandra_Plans.  She made a really cute bullet journal spread announcing the season (plus there's a video of it too!). It's complete with bird nest, flowers, showers, rainbows, and lots of adorable creatures. Add color like Alexandra did with Tombow Markers.

Image from  kidcandoodle

Image from kidcandoodle

A sheep, a bunny, and a spring chick welcome the season with this adorable and easy to recreate doodle from kidcandoodle. There's a video of how it's done on instagram. I love these quick, fun drawings using Neon Sharpies.

Image from  Neverovaoriginals

Neverovaoriginals created a bullet journal page loaded with trees, flowers and nature. Using black markers such as Micron Pens, she made a really sweet collection of Mother Nature inspired doodles.

Image from Bulletjournaltigard

Image from Bulletjournaltigard

Potted plants and leaf garlands are a really great way to add doodles to your spring bujo page spread. This artist has even created a pretty bookmark with a doodle.

Image from yalyehdalrymple

Image from yalyehdalrymple

Something I love about bujos is if you want to make a page full of doodles, you can! It won't throw off your calendar or page layouts. Just turn the page and start doodling. This creative bujoer made a Spring Things page complete with flowers, chicks, bunnies, a bee, and a watering can.

I really like the dashed lines to show sprinkles of water from the watering can and to show the bee is flying. 

What a happy weekly spread! Ruby_bulletjournals turned her days of the week into flowers! I also like how March is written in the center of a flower bouquet.

Image from  Creatieve_Moeder

Image from Creatieve_Moeder

Another spring page using two marker colors to write the word spring. Then, favorite spring decorations are doodled on the page.

Here's even more doodle ideas.

Do you have favorite spring doodles I forgot to mention? Let me know in the comments below!