The Best Bullet Journal Hashtags for Instagram

The Best Bullet Journal Hashtags for Social Media

Do you love to bullet journal?

Do you want to meet others with the same passion? It’s easier to meet others than you think!

Just use hashtags in social media your social media posts. In time, you’ll connect with people that share your interest!

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In this post, I’ll show you the most popular bullet journal hashtags and how to use them to connect with others. You can get a free printable version of this list - just scroll down to the bottom of this email for details!

By using hashtags, you’ll get more followers and find others to follow with your shared interest.

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Let’s explore hashtags!

  • Hashtags work on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook

  • Add #hashtags to your posts so that others can find you. You can add up to 30 hashtags per Instagram post.

  • You can use #hashtags on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter..but use them sparingly. No more than 3-5 hashtags is best.

  • Find other bullet journalists by using hashtags in search.

The Best Bullet Journal Hashtags

This list shows the 26 most popular bullet journal hashtags and the number of times they’ve been used on Instagram.

  1. #bulletjournal 2,941,854

  2. #bujo 2,301,629

  3. #bulletjournaling 729,144

  4. #bujojunkies 511,770

  5. #bujolove 413,771

  6. #bulletjournaljunkies 406,793

  7. #bulletjournalcommunity 398,725

  8. #bulletjournallove 352,482

  9. #bujoinspire 319,281

  10. #bulletjournalinspiration 301,617

  11. #bujoaddict 194,621

  12. #bulletjournaladdict 155,257

  13. #bujoweeklyspread 141,009

  14. #bujoweekly 133,130

  15. #bujospread 128,677

  16. #bujomonthly 85,976

  17. #bulletjournals 81,007

  18. #bulletjournalnewbie 78,902

  19. #bulletjournaljunkie 69,307

  20. #bulletjournalcollection 68,772

  21. #bulletjournalideas 68,006

  22. #minimalistbujo 62,026

  23. #bulletjournalweekly 48,848

  24. #bujotracker 45,076

  25. #bulletjournalist 43,736

  26. #showmeyourbulletjournal 40,911

Do you use any of these hashtags in your social media posts? If not, why not? Have you found more success using other hashtags? Let me know in the comments below.