January Bullet Journal Spreads

January Bullet Journal Page Spreads You Have to Try!

Start the year off with a bang! Get your bullet journal ready for the new year with fresh January pages.

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Will you be creating a theme for the new year or changing it up from month to month?

What January Pages to Create in Your Bujo?

  • Cover page introducing the month. Write the month, decorate the page, and even add a quote. Here’s some quote inspiration.

  • January calendar page with upcoming events for the month. Keep reading for lots of ideas and inspiration on this!

  • Goals for the month.

  • Monthly trackers such as mood, fitness, sleep, and budget. Need more ideas? Check out these 25 habit tracker ideas.

  • Weekly spreads - here’s some weekly page ideas

  • Gratitude log. This is something I enjoy every month and it’s a great way to be mindful of all of the things you have in your life you can appreciate. Here are lots of different ways to create your own gratitude log.

Now for some fresh ideas! I’ve collected some of my favorite January cover and calendar pages as well as plan-with-me videos.

Image by @ sharonajournals

A simple design - It’s cute and easy to recreate! Add stars to the page and draw straight lines to the top of the page so they appear to be dangling. Then, add a calendar below.

Image by @minimallyse

Get creative and draw something inspiring to kick off the new year. Minimallyse drew a bridge surrounded by buildings against the nighttime sky. January is written in gold across the bottom and outlined in black.

Image by @maidendoodles

Stars in black and gold create a wreath around the month. This sweet and easy to draw layout also has a plan with me video (shown below).

Image by @thebigbujo

Create a minimalist spread for the upcoming month. On the left page, create a simple future log for the year by adding a column with the first letter of each month. Then you can write upcoming events next each appropriate month’s letter.

On the right is the January cover/calendar page. The month is surrounded by an elegant botanical wreath and then the calendar is below it.

Image by @bujo_leonie

Here’s another minimalist cover page that I’m swooning over. The January calendar is in the center of the page and then it’s surrounded by fairy lights.

Image by @bulletjournal.for.her

Snowy January is captured perfectly on this cover page. Snow capped bubble letters set the tone for a wintry month. The top and bottom of the page are edged with washi tape.

Image by @veni.vidi.vivid

An inspiring quote for the new year, “Cheer to a new year & another chance to get it right” is drawn on the left page. On the right is a January cover page with a mountain and pine tree illustration. Metallic blue pen is used to pop some of the words.

Image by @bjournal06

Bring on a bright month! This calendar cover page has hanging lightbulbs colored in yellow and orange.

Image by @hummingbird831

Go for the gold! This January calendar page features snowflakes in gold and black.

I hope you got lots spread ideas for your January pages!

How are you decorating your bujo for the month? Let me know in the comments below!