13 Creative Bujo Mood Tracker Ideas

13 Creative Mood Trackers for Your Bullet Journal

Do you want to know if you’re having more good days than bad days?

Mood trackers are a fun way to keep track of your emotions on a daily basis.

They are also a way to help you identify triggers throughout the day which alter your moods.

In this blog post, we’ll talk more about what mood trackers are and why keep track of your mood.

Then, we’ll have some fun looking at lots of mood tracker ideas for your bujo so that you can create one that suits your style.

What are mood trackers?

A mood tracker is a page in your planner or bullet journal that allows you to track whether you are feeling happy, sad, tired, angry, bored, etc.

You can create a monthly mood tracker by jotting down the days of the month, add a color key with the moods you want to track, then fill it in each day.

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Why keep track of your moods on a daily basis?

It can be helpful to notice when you might be moody at certain times of the month (PMS..am I right, ladies?) or identifying when certain triggers alter your mood.

Then, going forward, you can plan to find some personal time to unwind and regroup when those trigger events may occur.

For example, you might get stressed out before a test or meeting with your boss, so taking some time to do a little meditative breathing before you go could be effective.

What if you have an event you dread?

Your mood tracker could help you identify that it's something that makes you angry or irritated the day before or day of the appointment.

Now you can change that mood around by planning a reward after your appointment. Reward yourself with a small purchase or a special treat.

Maybe it's just a new pen or washi tape, but those little rewards make a difference!

Mood Tracker Ideas

Ever since the creation of the bullet journal, we've been thinking up interesting ways to decorate and embellish everything we put on the pages. Your mood tracker doesn't have to be just a chart, you can have fun with the page and decorate it in so many ways. Here are thirteen creative ways to track your moods.

Photo from  CZNStudyCorner

Photo from CZNStudyCorner

1. Leaf Me Alone

This simple yet pretty leaf design from cnzstudycorner keeps track of moods for the month by using lots of shades of green.The key doesn't have lots of description, just happy face/sad face...easy, huh?

Since the mood spread uses monochromatic colors that make sense to the page..leaves = green, the finished result will be a very pretty page. CZNstudycorner uses Kuretake Brush Pens and Koi Coloring Brush Pens to decorate the page.

Photo from  marthasjournal

Photo from marthasjournal

2. Up, Up, & Away

Marthasjournal created this absolutely adorable hot air balloon mood tracker. It's clean, bright, and uses just four shades to track her happy, meh, sad, and irritated moods. When it's completed, the hot air balloon page is going to look so cute. 

I also love that this bullet journalist uses a clear six-ring binder with pages that may be easily removed and worked on outside of the binder. The Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner Pens add a bit of color without being overwhelming on the page.

Photo from  studyksoo

Photo from studyksoo

3. A Year in Pixels

We've been looking a monthly trackers, but how about tracking your moods for an entire year all on one page!

Studyksoo is tracking "a year in pixels" by simply creating a grid for the year. The months are listed across the top and the days of the month are listed down the side.

This tracker has five moods in the key: angry, neutral, stressed, sad, and good. A bit of washi tape embellishes the very clean page while Tombrow Markers and Mildliners keep track of moods.

Photo from  Kendra.Bullets

Photo from Kendra.Bullets

4. Mood Mandala

Mood mandalas are really popular on Instagram. They are really easy to create.

Dig around in your desk drawer and pull out that math compass that hasn't seen the light of day since middle school. 

Using the compass, make enough circles for each day of the month and then embellish with interesting loops, squiggles, and swirls. I love the way kendra.bullets embellished hers in black to really pop.

Add a key next to your mandala and fill in your mood for each day.

Photo from  Morgan_Bujo

Photo from Morgan_Bujo

5. Zen Leaves

I'm really into zen dangles and love using them in my bullet journal. When I saw the long lovely vines on morgan_bujo's spread, it immediately reminded me of them.

She turned her bullet journal on it's side, and then drew a line across for the vines to hang from. She drew a vine for each day making them all a bit different, then numbered each vine across the top.

I really like her key: happy productive motivated, stressed tired sick, relaxed calm content. It's so true...when I'm productive and motivated, I feel happy. When I'm sick or tired, I feel stressed. I'm inspired the way she ties actions to how you feel. It's a mindful way at looking at your daily feelings. She used Tombow Markers to fill in her daily moods.

Photo from  coffee.and.bujo

Photo from coffee.and.bujo

6. Go Green

Coffe.and.bujo create a very pretty succulent mood tracker. Starting at the center of the page, they created leaves for each day of the month and worked outwards to make the plant.

A simple 4 category mood key was placed at the bottom using shades of succulent greens. Stabilo Boss Highlighters will fill in each leaf.

Photo from  heythereseven

Photo from heythereseven

7. Put a Ring on It

Heythereseven created a very clean, minimalist monthly mood tracker and I love it. It's a ring of circles that are all connected with a simple line. Three emotions are listed in the key at the bottom: emotional, anxious, and good.

Have you tried any minimalist bullet journaling or do you like your pages loaded up with lots of decoration?

Photo from  bujo.by.marieke

Photo from bujo.by.marieke

8. Jelly Fish Jam

This looks like a really fun (and easy!) bullet journal spread to create! Bujo.by.marieke made simple rounded shapes to create the bodies and then added squiggles and lines to make the tentacles. The jelly fish are floating in different directions just as they would in nature. Little circles were added randomly on the page to add an underwater feel.  

This is a mood tracker I can't wait to try in my own bullet journal.

Photo from  ea.journals

Photo from ea.journals

9. Green Thumb

If you haven't noticed, I'm really inspired by plant mood trackers. Green is my favorite color and I love gardening as well as indoor plants. Ea.journals created such an adorable mood tracker and habit tracker spread.

The mood tracker is made up of 31 sweet little pots each with it's own unique plant. The pots were numbered in red (which reminds me of clay) and the plants will be colored in various shades of green.

The key is a simple happy/sad face. The lighter the color, the better the mood of the day. Let's hope there are a lot of light shades on this finished page!

Photo from  ihggs

Photo from ihggs

10. Catch Some Rays

I am in love with this mood tracker spread from ihggs! It reminds me of summer days as a kid when I'd catch lightening bugs and put them in a jar to watch them light up. 

Pretty jars in various sizes and shapes were drawn on the page, some filled with stars, others left empty. Then a starry path (like the milky way) wraps through the page. The four moods are listed at the bottom of the page in the key. 

Photo from  BusyasBree

Photo from BusyasBree

11. Life is a Box O Donuts

Just looking at this mood tracker puts me in a good mood! Busyasbree used 31 donuts to create her March tracker. The icing on each donut will be filled in based on her daily mood. 

She uses the most mood options I've seen and with lots of vibrant shades. The moods are: happy, calm, creative, productive, overwhelmed, insecure, sad, silly, lazy, and angry. Washi tape adorns the bottom of the page.

12. Cosmic Moods

This out-of-this-world mood tracker was created by productive.em.bujo. Stars and planets are colored in each day to show the moods of inspired, happy, sad, and motivated.

Photo from  bujoonabudget

Photo from bujoonabudget

13. Tub O Suds

Bujoonabudget created a very unique mood tracker spread. This bullet journaler has two bubbles for each day in order to track their own as well as someone else's moods.  The key is tracking content, sad, apathetic, and angry emotions.

Do you use mood trackers? What is your favorite type to create? I'd love to hear! Share in the comments below.

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