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The Best Beginner Hand Lettering Tutorials

The Best Beginner Hand Lettering Tutorials

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I gotta be honest - I have handwriting envy! Seeing all of the beautiful faux calligraphy and flourished handlettering in other people's bullet journals has me a bit jealous. I want my pages to look like that. 

I spent some time exploring ways to improve my own hand lettering. This is a collection of the best hand lettering tutorials and youtube videos you'll find anywhere. You'll learn how the experts hand letter, ways to enhance your writing, how to draw different font styles, and how to do faux calligraphy (the easy way!)

1. Intro to Hand Lettering with Crayola Markers

This tutorial from Jamie Bedard is a great place to start if you're new to hand lettering! Her intro page is written using Faber-Castel Big Brush Pen. Then the tutorial uses Crayola Markers. She says these markers are great for practicing your hand lettering instead of using expensive markers. 

The tutorial takes you step-by-step through each stroke in faux calligraphy, then shows you how to put the strokes together to create beautiful letters. Each drill is very helpful and Jamie provides a lot of tips and advice while showing you how to practice your lettering.

2. How I Hand Letter - A Primitive Guide

ThecoffeemonsterzCO shows us how just by lettering every single week in your bullet journal, your handwriting will improve. Practice makes perfect! She uses graph paper, a PaperMate Inkjoy Gel Pen, and Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip Pen.

She covers how she makes her faux calligraphy, bounce lettering, skinny/tall font, and variations of those fonts. Then she takes the time to show how to use combinations of these fonts together.

3. 10 Hand Lettering Enhancements Anyone Can Do

In this tutorial, Teela Cunningham shows us 10 hand lettering enhancements anyone can do. She works with Micron Pens, a click eraser, and a mechanical pencil on regular copy paper.

The 10 Hand Lettering Enhancements Include:

  1. Inline/Outline

  2. Inline Details

  3. Texture and Pattern

  4. Floating Shadows

  5. Multi Floating Shadows

  6. Sticker Effect

  7. 3D Block

  8. Angled Shadow

  9. Faux Calligraphy

  10. Flourishing

What I really love is she takes you step-by-step through each technique and shows you her tips for perfecting them.

4. How to Improve Your Cursive

Ever since we moved to using computers and cell phones for almost all communications, cursive hand writing has taken a back seat in the classroom. One of the best ways to quickly improve your calligraphy/faux calligraphy skills is to brush up on your cursive.

Noelle from Seventeen shows you how to take your get serious about your cursive skills. You'll compare your cursive skills to standards and see where you need to improve. She encourages you to download Kindergarten Lined Paper to practice.

It's a fun tutorial that makes moving on to calligraphy effortless.

5. How to Get Thin Upstrokes in Handlettering

Modern calligraphy is much harder than it looks! But, with the help of How to Hand Letter, you'll be guided step-by-step through the problem areas that seem to frustrate many of us. 

She also discusses the various markers and brushes that make it easier to master if you are just getting started. Zig Brushables, Tombow Dual Tip, Faber-Castel Pitt Artist Pen, and Pentel Touch Brush Pen are her pens of choice.

6. 25 Bullet Journal Lettering + Handwriting Ideas

AmandaRachLee created an ultimate guide packed with 25 bullet journal lettering ideas.  She takes you through all of her favorite fonts including, simple lettering, block lettering, drop shadows, embellished fonts, and faux calligraphy variations.

How is your hand lettering? What techniques have worked for you? Share in the comments below!

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