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200+ Bujo Fonts You Need To Try

200+ Bujo Fonts You Need To Try

Do you get bored because you use the same handwriting and fonts over and over again in your bullet journal?

It’s time for an imagination injection!

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I’ve rounded up 6 fun to watch videos packed with more than 200 font ideas.

That’s a lot of handwriting for you to test out!

Use them as inspiration to put a creative twist on your bullet journal handwriting.

For all of these fonts, you only need a few pens, pencils, and markers to create amazing handwriting.

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#1. 60 Hand Lettering Ideas for Your Bullet Journal

If you like creating fun monthly headers, this video is for you! Inprint created 60 different ways to make monthly headers using just a Micron pen and Tombow Brush Pens.

Take the inspiration from this video and use it in other ways besides monthly headers. You can also try it for weekly headers, trackers, and page headers.

#2. 50 Hand Lettering Ideas! Easy Ways to Change Your Lettering

AmandaRachLee always comes up with interesting bujo ideas and this video is no exception. The video includes 50 hand lettering ideas with easy ways to upgrade your current lettering style. She breaks down the styles by drop shadow, inner line, drop outline, dotted outline, hollow lettering, faux calligraphy, hollow lettering with patterns, striped lettering, serifs, ombre lettering, and ribbon lettering.

She encourages you to try the different styles and then go rogue - mix and match the styles to create even more unique lettering ideas.

#3. 37 Hand Lettered Fonts: How to Write in Different

Lauren Liz is a wiz at hand lettering (and did I just make a rhyme?!). In this video she takes you through 37 different fonts. What makes her video unique is that she shows you how to make the entire alphabet!

When most videos provide hand lettering examples, they write just one word - a day of the week for example. I’m often left wondering how to write other letters in the same style. With this video you’ll be able to see what every letter looks like in all 37 styles!

Tip: The video goes fast so I pause it and take screenshots when I want to duplicate a style.

#4. 26 Designs - Alphabet Lettering

Doodles by Sarah shows us how to be creative with every letter of the alphabet. Each letter has it’s own unique style. This wasn’t meant to be specifically a bullet journal video but it got me thinking how many ways you can use these ideas in your bullet journal.

Since the font ideas are a bit more complex than the other videos in this article, use them to create something special such as a monthly cover page or unique header. You can use each of the letters as she creates them or you can use that “style” on a different letter.

#5. 25 Bullet Journal Headers, Decor Ideas, and Hand Writing

How to Hand Letter put together 25 different hand writing ideas all focused on creating unique and fun to make headers in your bullet journal. What I love about all of these fonts is that they are super easy to make - you won’t spend hours creating a complicated header.

Some weeks, I just don’t have time to create overly detailed headers but I still want my bujo pages to look cute and pretty - all the fonts in this video allow me to do that.

#6. Bullet Journal Hand Lettering Ideas - Plan with Me

Seventeen makes some of my favorite bullet journal videos on YouTube! I love them because they show fun and easy ways to use your bullet journal in small, easy-to-absorb methods. Even though this video only has 10 font ideas, I can’t wait to try every one of them.

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