Hundreds of Awesome Bullet Journal Headers

Hundreds oF Header Ideas for YOur Bullet Journal

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What are bullet journal headers?

Headers are a way of calling attention to the title of each page. They can be made by making larger bolder lettering, frames, or doodles. 

You can keep your header text the same as the content on the page, but for me, the headers are the icing on the bullet journal cake!

Using simple line drawings, fun lettering, and color, you can add lots of pop to your pages. 

Other Ways to Use Headers

Headers don't need to be reserved for the page title. You can use them in lots of ways throughout your bujo. Use them to call attention to important information on your pages. Here are some other ways to incorporate headers. 

  • To-do lists

  • Dates and days of the week

  • Calendar titles

  • Meeting notes

  • Homework/study notes

  • Appointments

  • Quotes and motivational phrases

Bullet Journal Header Ideas To Try Now!

Selenenen header and banner ideas are loaded with color! She created so many cute headers you can also try in your bullet journal. 

Barbells_and_bujo creates really simple yet interesting date headers. Using just a black marker or pen will get you the same results! 

Create a Header page in your bullet journal for easy reference.
— Pro Tip

Planningwithkay banners uses bright colors accented with black to create days of the week banner headers. Use faux calligraphy, banners, and boxes to duplicate this look with Tombow Markers and Crayola Markers in a Scribbles that Matter Bullet Journal.

Haleyjournals uses a black pen and single color Tombow Brush Pen to make lots of pretty daily headers. 

Craftycurlee designs take planner headers to a new level! 

At first glance, these designs look really difficult to create. However, they are all simple line drawings that anyone can make! I recommend writing the header first, then draw the box around it. Then get creative by adding flowers to suit your mood.

Nicoles.journal bullet journal headers all are made using the date and weekdays. However you could use them to mark the month, to do lists, note taking headers, and habit trackers.

Bujonerds bullet journal headers uses lots of frames, boxes, and other embelishments. 

Violettestudies bullet journal headers use various types of lettering, simple embellishements, and frames to call attention to important items in her bullet journal. You can make any of these!

Bujoinspiration18 spread includes two categories to make amazing headers. Titles & Lettering page and Headers & Banners page are made using Micron Pens and Tombow Markers

Studyingtune uses three shades of Kuretake Zig Twin Tip Markers to make outline, gradient, two tone, shadow, shine, and overlay hand lettering headers for her bullet journal.

Planningwithkay bullet journal headers created with Fiber Castell Pitt Artist Pen and Sakura Pigma Brush Pen provide lots of inspiration. These designs are great for a minimalist bullet journal as well.

Do you use headers in your bullet journal? If so, do you keep an inspiration page with your favorite header ideas? I'd love to hear! Share your thoughts in the Comments below.