What is a Dot Grid Journal?

If you like write in notebooks or journals, most likely you are familiar with the standard notebook options. You can buy them with plain pages, lined pages, or grid pages.

There’s another journal option and it’s a dot grid. Since it’s so new, people often ask, what is a dot grid journal?

To understand the idea of a dot grid, imagine grid and then remove all of the lines leaving only a dot where the grids intersect. That’s a dot grid journal. These journals have become popular because the dots aren’t invasive, yet they provide guidelines to keep your writing or drawings straight.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how dot grids differ from other notebooks and how they are used.

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Why Choose Dotted Journals?

Have you ever stood in the store staring at journals wondering which one you should choose?

Plain paper and your writing may be all over the place (I know mine is!).

Lined paper is a bit too scholarly (currently having flashbacks of endless essays and perfect penmanship in school).

Grid paper helps you keep things perfectly aligned but is a bit busy if you want to draw or decorate. It’s a bit distracting from your work.

Hence, the dot grid paper!

It’s just the right amount of print to keep things aligned while not distracting from your writing or creativity. An added bonus, if you like to post your work on social media, it’s easy to fade the dots so it looks like you have perfect penmanship without any help!

Classic sized dot journals are A5 which is approximately 5" X 8.3". It’s a really popular size because it’s large enough to work in, yet small enough you can take it everywhere. Some brands do offer other sizes, but A5 is by far bullet journalists favorite size.

What is Dot Grid Paper Used For?

You may be wondering what are dotted notebooks for?

Dot grid paper, notebooks, and journals have become very popular for people that love to do calligraphy/handwriting, drawing, and most of all, bullet journaling.

  • Calligraphy and handwriting is having a major moment and there are so many fun ways to enhance your writing. If you want to learn more check out the best beginner hand lettering tutorials.

  • You don’t have to be an artist to love doodling. It’s a great way to relax and let your mind flow. If you need some doodle inspiration check out how to draw really cute doodles.

  • Bullet journaling has taken the world by storm. Why? Because it’s an easy way to keep your entire life organized in one book. People use plain, lined, and grid pages for their bullet journals, but most popular by far is a dot grid notebook. Learn more about bullet journaling.

How to Write on Dotted Paper?

Dot grid notebooks and dotted journals are not any different to write in than lined or grid paper.

If you take a look at the dot grid, you’ll notice the dots are lined up both vertically and horizontally.

To write in a dot grid journal, pretend the dots are lines and use a row of dots as a horizontal line. After you’ve finished writing on a dot-row, you can go to the next row or skip a row if you like.

You’ll notice, with a bit of practice, that your writing stays lined up just as if you are writing on lined or gridded paper without the obtrusive lines/grids. Those tiny dots tend to fade into the background!

What are the Best Dot Grid Journals?

There are many dot grid journal currently available, but a few have risen to be the cream of the crop. What makes them popular? The quality and smoothness of the paper, the intensity of the dots, and the overall layout of the notebook.

Here are my favorite dot grid journals. I’ve provided links to them, but I’d also love to hear if you have a favorite dot grid notebook that I didn’t mention.

  • Leuchtturm1917 is one of my favorite dot journals. It has smooth pages, a wider size than other A5 notebooks, and lightly colored dots that allow you to keep things straight but not impede on your writing.

  • Rhodia Dot Grid Notebook - I haven’t tried the dot grid version, but I have owned other Rhodia notebooks. My favorite thing about Rhodia is the amazing quality of the paper. The dots are a bit darker than other journals, but you’ll need to narrow it to paper quality vs dot intensity to make your decision.

  • Dotted Notebooks - If you looking for a more affordable dot notebook, check out these notebooks. They’re printed on thick paper, have lay-flat design, and get really good reviews on Amazon.


If you’d like a little guide, let’s take a look at this Dot Journaling Set. It includes two books. One is an instructional book to walk you step-by-step to creating and keeping a planner, to-do list, and diary. The other is a dot journal so you can dive right in and apply the techniques you’ve learned.

I found the following dot grid journals on Amazon. I haven’t tried any of these, but they get top marks from Amazon and great buyer reviews.

  • Made in Japan, Moji creates a simple and clean dot notebook with an elastic closure and spiral binding. This 70 page notebook is a bit more price conscious than other dot notebooks, but don’t let that dissuade you from purchasing. Muji is known for quality products at a an affordable price.

  • Made in San Francisco, Unni’s Minimalism Art is a classic A5 dotted notebook. It has a back pocket, and wide elastic band to keep it closed. It comes in lots of bright fun colors to choose from. Reviewers love the thicker paper and lower price than other journals.

  • Poluma makes a dotted grid notebook with thick archival paper. It’s affordably priced and receives top reviews.

Have you used a dot grid notebook? How do you like it in comparison to plain, ruled, or grid journals? Let me know in the comments below.