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20 Ways: How to Draw a Kawaii Girl

20 Ways: How to Draw a Kawaii Girl

Do you love drawing in your bullet journal, planner, or notebook? I do!

I take breaks throughout the day and add some doodles to my pages. Rather than stare at a blank bujo page not knowing what to draw, I like to have lots of ideas nearby that I can copy. I’ve noticed it’s really helped my drawing abilities.

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I’ve been really into kawaii doodles and can’t seem to get enough of them - they make my bujo pages look so cute!

I recently rounded up lots of kawaii sushi doodle ideas and I think that kicked off my kawaii obsession.

In fact, I’ve created lots of doodle posts for you to check out.

This week, I chose to round up my favorite kawaii girl doodles. There are step-by-step videos to show you how to draw a variety of cute girls as well as plenty of examples you can copy and add to your bujo.

Let’s get started!

How to Draw a Kawaii Girl Videos

Draw So Cute has made so many how-to-draw kawaii girl videos it was hard to pick just one. Actually, I chose two, but if want to explore all 37 (yes!) of her cute girl videos, here’s a link to the video playlist. It includes everything from cute girls in witch costumes and Disney outfits to ice skaters and ugly Christmas sweaters.

Since it’s almost back to school, I love her How to Draw Cute School Girl Easy video. The girl has big eyes, a blushing smile, a heart embellished t-shirt, jean shorts, an art book, and her backpack.

The second video I chose from Draw So Cute is also meant for back to school. The How to Draw a Teacher is an easy step-by-step tutorial featuring a teacher in a pretty blouse and skirt holding a book, behind her is a chalkboard and an apple.

If have check out my doodle pages before, you know I’m a huge fan of Doodles by Sarah. Rather than including entire bodies, her video is all cute girl heads. I like the heads for when I want to draw a quick doodle in my bujo that shows my feelings about a task or appointment.

Her cute girl doodles were inspired by Studio Ghibli Heroines from anime movies. I’m not familiar with these movies but I love the doodles nonetheless.

Oops! I actually snuck in another Draw So Cute video. I love this one because it is How to Draw Cute Best Friends! Just like her other videos, this step-by-step video shows you how to create two smiling friends. They are arm-in-arm and wearing really adorable outfits.

I’m also a fan of this how-to video by Art For Kids Hub. What I love about these videos is that they are so empowering! The artist draws Snow White while teaching a child sitting right next to him. They work on the project together and it’s great to see no matter your age, you can draw this girl, too!

How to Draw Kawaii Girls Inspiration

I really love this cute doodle from Tatyana Deniz. She didn’t start out as an artist but she had a desire to learn. All of her drawings are so adorable and perfect for bujo page decorating. I love the doodle of this happy girl ready to leave on an adventure with her cat.

Tatyana even has a free doodle class on her website, PS. I’m not being compensated in any way for telling you about her site, I just love her work and feel like you might like it, too.

Stephanie from Skinneyplans created ocean inspired pages in her planner and I really love the cute mermaid she drew on the spread. It would be a very easy doodle for your to recreate.

Rainy Day Diaries made an inspiring page of New Year’s Resolutions. What caught my eye, though, is the adorable yet simple-to-draw doodle for “Focus on My Well-Being.” It’s a doodle of a girl with her eyes closed, hair blowing in the wind, surrounded by calming clouds.

Crisisart made a cute and funky girl that would be a lot of fun to try and replicate. It’s a bit more complex than any of the other girl doodles but I think it’s worth showing.

Here’s another kawaii girls doodle from Tatyana Deniz. It’s a colorful page of six different girls. Each girl is wearing a cute outfit and has a unique hairstyle. It would be fun to mix and match the clothes with the hairstyles to give you lots of different looks.

Sarazorel made a kawaii girl popping out of a large mug. Both the girl and the mug have big happy smiles. I love the big bow in the girl’s hair, too. This would be a good doodle on a relaxing Sunday bujo page.

Kawaii girls can add so much emotion to your planner and bullet journal pages. I love the way Dontsweaterit uses them on her pages. Below is a video of how she draws one of them, too.

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